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Ggripptogg & Ggrapptikk
Grunts Review

While the sculpt is impressive, I wanted a little more out of the articulation. There’s a lot of good here – ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, & hocks, t-crotch, swivels at the waist and all four wrists. The ball-joints Glyos parts are still a step up from the OSM, but I still found the elbows and legs frustrating. The legs are difficult to figure out what could be better, but I found myself wishing I could get a little more range on the leg positioning several times. On the forearms, I would’ve liked to see a little more individual movement on each forearm. I think even just a simple swivel cut for the upper one would work wonders on the figure. He can be expressive though and that helps keeps things fun when playing with him.

The paintwork is still minimal for these pre-releases, but the paint is well done when present. I can only imagine how alive the sculpt will come when the fully painted Ggripptogg is released!

There are a few different accessories going on here. Steve included the standard scepter length version of his accessory just like the original while the Grunts come with their usual staffs. The head of each is swappable, but they utilize the smaller Glyos ports found in tight areas instead of the universal fit function. They can still be utilized with some stuff to be sure though. Each is a nice piece and the whole crew can hold them well in a variety of poses.

Overall, I enjoyed getting these guys but the figure just isn’t quite as fun as the Soldiers. The sculpt is a fantastic update and true to the original design, but the articulation just doesn’t quite gel for me. I’m just armchair quarterbacking delusionally with no regard to costs, but I hope that future Power Lords aliens come out with a little more flexibility in where the Glyos ports can go. It’ll improve their playability and make them even more expressive figures.

Thank you again to the 4H for sending Rex along!

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6 comments to Ggripptogg & Ggrapptikk
Grunts Review

  • Todd

    Great review and some great figures, to boot.

    I just kind of wish we didn’t have plod through a year’s worth of various pre-releases before we can get to the actual carded figures. I know that releasing numerous colorways to help create buzz and fund the regular production figures is the way things are done with modern, home brewed or short run action figure lines these days, but five releases of the Ggripptogg body and six releases of the Adam Power body before the release of the actual figures on which these are based seems excessive.

    Do we even have a release date for the carded figures yet?

    • We’ve seen the carded samples, so it should be soon.

      The number of Soldiers is about par for the course with the OSM – they all nearly had three releases before the big stuff, but in Power Lords it does seem more important to get to the main attraction.

  • I’m with Todd. I understand the business model at work here but it’s been months since I signed up for the actual figure subscription and I kinda wish we’d start seeing actual characters by now. Enough with these colorways already.

    • It might be interesting if the 4H would break it up differently – release one fan-demanded character like Adam Power in a wave with the Ggrapptikks and then the real deal Ggripptogg along side some Power Soldiers.

  • Izdawiz

    Did you guys see this over at the Yakface forums. It’s a simple repaint of one of the grunts that looks really amazing heading up Jabba the Hutt’s entourage.


    These guys are great army builders for me and the fully painted figures will be the headliners. I also got some great hulk-colored custom characters by mixing these guys with the pink and purple NYCC editions. You wouldn’t think they’d mesh well, but I think the results look amazing.