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ToyFare 150: Blackest Night is the DC Direct line that won't die

ToyFare #150 went on sale yesterday (12/9) and among it’s pages we saw the world premiere of MOTUC Evil Lyn, some future Wal-Mart exclusives DC 2pks (via ActionFigurePics.Com), and an article on the future of the DC Direct Blackest Night line (be sure to check out the magazine for pictures of Black Lantern Batman and a WIP Arkillo!)

I’ve talked before about how I’ve made the switch from DC Direct to Mattel. And though I intended that to be permanent, Blackest Night figures have brought me back into the fold (check out our reviews of Atrocitus & St. Walker and Kryb & Indigo). Even with Mattel announcing that they’re planning on entering the fray with some Blackest Night characters in early 2011, I’m still committed to picking up many of the DC Direct versions and letting them share space on my Green Lantern shelf – and I hate mixing toy lines.

The ToyFare article focuses DC Direct’s relationship with the editors and writers of Blackest Night and showcases just how far DC Direct is planning to go with figures based on the crossover. In addition to the above mentioned photos, lineups for the next two waves were revealed as well as some possibilities for future waves – all the way into 2011.

It’s been a big couple weeks for fans of DC Direct’s Blackest Night line. DC Direct added some new desktop patterns to their site last week and gave fans a first look at Nekron, Black Lantern Hawkman, and Black Lantern Deadman. Some of the images even had the Wave Four Black Lantern Wonder Woman present, but obstructed by other figures – she hadn’t been revealed in the comics yet, so they were keeping her under wraps. When Blackest Night #5 shipped last week, we saw the BL Wonder Woman figure showcased in the in-house print ads.

Many fans were unsure of so many new Black Lanterns being revealed without any accompanying Lanterns from the other Corps. The ToyFare article confirms that Wave 5 will be an all-Black Lantern wave.

Blackest Night Wave 5 is tentatively scheduled to ship in August 2010 and will include Nekron, and Black Lantern versions of Hawkman, Deadman, and Batman. While I’ve been skipping the Black Lanterns so far, the wave still ends up with some nice pieces. Nekron is a must – he includes his Black Lantern/scythe and what looks to be real chains. The Deadman looks great and I love that his collar has been segmented into the five “fingers” that represent the Black Hand. I’m not as sold on the Hawkman and the Batman, but for fans collecting the Black Lanterns, that’s two steps closer to a full Black Lantern Justice League.

In addition to the confirmation of Wave 5, some hints were dropped about waves six, seven, and beyond.

The best news coming out of wave seven, tentatively scheduled for November 2010 is an Arkillo! The WIP photo looks sharp and the article states he’ll be around the size of the 2005 Kilowog figure. That should put him in fairly good scale with the others, but he’ll be undersized when placed next to the DCUC Kilowog. I’ll be buying a DCD Arkillo, his tongue necklace sells me, but I’m still holding out hope for a DCUC one in the future too. A Black Lantern Hawkgirl is also given for the proposed wave six, but the other two figures are being kept under wraps to avoid spoilers.

After that, we get a flurry of possibilities. A new version of Hal Jordan will anchor Wave Seven in late 2010/2011. A Black Lantern Terra / Scar 2pk is a possibility, as is a rework of the Infinite Crisis version of Mongul to be a Sinestro Corps version. I can’t say for sure which ones I’ll buy, but at seven plus waves, Blackest Night is quickly becoming one of DC Direct’s most prolific lines and I find myself, once again, hooked on DC Direct.

Here’s a checklist of the known releases so far:

  • Wave #1 (Released 10/9)
    • Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman 6.5″
    • Alpha Lantern Boodika with removable face plate 6.75″
    • Blue Lantern Saint Walker with power battery 7.5″
    • Atrocitus with power battery 7.25″

  • Wave #2 (Released 11/9)
    • Black Lantern Martian Manhunter 7″
    • Green Lantern John Stewart with power battery 6.75″
    • Indigo with Power battery 7″
    • Kryb with removable back cage that stores 2 alien children 7″

  • Wave #3 (Scheduled 3/10)
    • Black Lantern Aquaman 6.75″
    • Green Lantern Arisia with power battery 6.5″
    • Star Sapphire with power battery 6.625″
    • Larfleeze The Orange Lantern with Glomulus and power battery 7″ GLOMULUS is 2.375″

  • Wave #4 (Scheduled 4/10)
    • Black Lantern Firestorm 6.75″ to top of head (helmet increases height)
    • Green Lantern Kyle Raynor with power battery 6.75″
    • Black Hand with Batman skull 6.75″
    • Wonder Woman 6.625″ to top of head (hair increases height)

  • Wave #5 (Scheduled 8/10)
    • Nekron with staff
    • Black Lantern Batman
    • Black Lantern Hawkman
    • Black Lantern Deadman

  • Deluxe Figure – Sinestro Corps Mongul (IC Repaint – Scheduled 8/10)
  • Wave #6 (Tentative 11/10)
    • Arkillo
    • Black Lantern Hawkgirl
    • ??????
    • ??????

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