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NECA Predator 2 Trophy Wall
& Skull Pack Review (20 pics!)

If you’d been collecting the Predator line from day one, you’d amassed quite the skull collection. I, regrettably, had not been doing that and that was one of my few reservations about buying the wall when it was announced. Some have said they preferred NECA keep things that way, rewarding the long time collectors, but I’m never for that uppity, cravat-adjusting attitude. NECA had 5000 of these trophy walls to sell and they did right by collectors by releasing a special skull pack to fill it. It’s one of the reasons I own it myself, so thank you NECA.

The skull pack is still available at Amazon for $18 and includes ten skulls . Of the ten skulls, four are human (two with spines), two are Predators, three are unknown aliens, and one is an Alien, a Xenomorph. Not all of them fit particularly on the wall, the two Predator skulls and the extra human skull don’t have “natural” homes, but as you can see in my pics, I adjusted things a bit to fit more of them on there. I’ve also mostly skipped using the bloodied skull/spine. It’s fun, but the Predators seems to be pretty clean with their collectable skulls.

There is one slight hiccup – the horned skull on the upper right just doesn’t fit onto the wall very well. The skull appears to be in need of a short six-sided peg, but that particular spot is long and thin. I’m able to get it on there by using the eye socket and balancing it against the wall for now, but I need to mod that peg to make it fit better. Other than that one, everything fits great – it’s particularly telling because that means NECA was planning this for awhile, the ports for the wall plugs are present in the skulls, but you’d never really notice had NECA not made the wall. That’s smart work and a long game.

An eleventh skull, it’s a big’n, is included with the diorama itself. It’s one of the coolest ones and the oversized nature of it really brings everything together. I mentioned there were some options in what gets displayed where, but some skulls like the large, included one and a couple of the smaller ones do need to be on their respective pegs, but some solutions can be found here and there like limiting the Xenomorph skull to just one peg instead of its suggested two.

Overall, I’m very glad I finally picked this piece up! This wasn’t something that I’d been pining for years like some of the other figures I’ve brought from NECA lately, but the time & care that went into this is what makes it worthwhile. This one’s a knockout plain & simple. Yes, I did have to do a little repair work, but the wall even overcomes that. The skulls make a great menagerie and a wonderful backdrop for my Predators. Heck, it would really even work as a creepy display for just about any 6-7” figure. Of course, the one figure I really need to display it properly hasn’t been tackled by NECA yet… and, let’s face it, the Predator line line just won’t be complete until we get Lt. Mike Harrington. Yep, I went there. Man cannot live on Dutch alone.

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& Skull Pack Review (20 pics!)