Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 11 (+ Decoder)

It’s been a while since we’ve done a LEGO Minifigure review here on IAT.  These reviews tend to take a lot longer to produce than our normal text breakdown and handful of pictures.  So it’s sometimes harder to find the time, especially when you’ve got a deadline and other new figures are starting to pile up.  But series 11 just started hitting stores and I happened to find it at my local Target over the weekend.

I would like to get some feedback from everyone though.  Would you like to see IAT continue reviewing the LEGO Minifigure series and producing Feel Guides to assist in finding the figures?  Let us know what you think down in the comments.

We’re doing things a bit differently this time.  Since the bump codes are changed up between each box, we’re going strictly with the Feel Guide (designed by Manekochan).  This little cheat sheet contains silhouettes of the unique and easiest pieces to discern through the package by feeling it.  Each silhouette is also the actual size of the piece, so hopefully that will help you compare easier.


#1 Barbarian
I’m not as impressed with the LEGO Barbarian as I hoped to be. I do like that he’s covered in scars and looks ready to take on an entire army, but it still feels like there’s something missing. I wish they would have made more of an allusion to Conan maybe. He does have a nice front and back tampo on his torso though, and then there are his two gladius. Decoding Tip: Feel for the two swords. They’re short and a bit bendy, making them pretty easy to find.
#2 Scarecrow
The Scarecrow is one of my top two favorites in series 11. (I couldn’t decide on just one.) Everything from his happy button-eyed sack cloth face to his tattered and patched shirt and pants make him one of the most detailed figures in this wave. You can even see straw poking out of his shirt and a little tampo patch on his hat. He also gives us a new LEGO animal with the little crow that plugs into the top of his hat with a small peg. Decoding Tip: His long pitchfork is the easiest thing to feel for, but you can also check for the hat which is flat on top.
#3 Pretzel Girl
I guess Pretzel Girl is the politically correct way to say beer wench? Of course she doesn’t come with any beer, or even a vague mug. She is a nice looking figure though with the classic corset top and an apron made of the same fabric as LEGO capes. I particularly like hair piece with its two braided ponytails. Not sure if it’s a new piece, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it in different colors. Decoding Tip: Her only accessory is the pretzel, and it’s pretty easy to feel out with its unique curves.
#4 Evil Mech
These mech soldiers started showing up with LEGO’s newest space series, Galaxy Squad. But this is the first time we’ve gotten an evil version of this futuristic defender. He has the exact same armor as Series 9’s Battle Mech, but now in a sinister black and green color scheme. Underneath the chest plate is an interesting tampo that displays his gears and internal bits, but I think it’s his head I like most with the skull-like “teeth” and a target symbol for his cyclopean eye. Decoding Tip: Evil Mech comes with a large armor piece and one of those megaphone shaped gun pieces.
#5 Island Warrior
We’ve had LEGO Islanders before, way back with some of the old Pirates themed sets. But those figures didn’t have nearly the amount of detail that modern figs get, and aside from the chief, none of them had tribal masks. This new Island Warrior makes a perfect addition to the previous Hula Girl. He even has a new cool tiki mask that surprisingly attaches to his neck peg and not his head. Decoding Tip: The easiest thing to feel for is his regular sized spear.
#6 Gingerbread Man
I think Gingerbread Man easily fits into the category of strange minifigs. It’s his odd Oreo cookie-like head, complete with sandwiched filling that sets him apart from everyone else. He also has a nice amount of detail with the icing decoration, and even small red ginger flecks all over the front of his body. But dispite his happy demeanor, you can tell he’s a bit snarky by his “Dunk Me” mug. Decoding Tip: Feel for the mug’s tube-with-a-handle shape.
#7 Holiday Elf
The Holiday Elf makes for a perfect addition to the previous Santa minifigure, even if his slightly creepy face does remind me of the Yellow Kid. But I’m going to have to say this elf might serve an even higher purpose. With his new pointy ears and cap, this figure has high potential of becoming the base for many LEGO Link custom minifigures. Decoding Tip: The elf comes with a uniquely shaped teddy bear, and an easy to decipher two X two brick and flat piece that makes up his present.
#8 Yeti
The Yeti is the other runner up for my favorite figure in series 11. His only new piece is the large head with hair that hangs down over his front and back, but it looks fantastic and even gives him a bit more bulk than the average figure. I especially love his large under bite and somewhat confused expression. His body also has some nice shaggy looking tampo designs. Hopefully we’ll see this guy repainted as a brown Big Foot in a future wave. Decoding Tip: Feel for the Yeti’s only accessory, the small popsicle shaped bar.
#9 Mountain Climber
I thought the Mountain Climber was an average City figure until I took a closer look. Instead of a thrill seeker, I was surprised to discover this little figure is actually a mountain rescue worker (check out his little medic symbol). Aside from his crash helmet, he’s loaded up with a bundle of rope made of soft plastic and a pick axe. Decoding Tip: The pick axe is pretty easy to feel out, but that pliable circle of rope is also helpful.
#10 Welder
The Welder is an interesting idea for a character, but I find the figure itself a bit boring. His dirty face and overalls aren’t the most exciting. But he does have a cool welder’s mask that fits over his head like a helmet. There’s also his welding tool, which is one soft piece that attaches to the little orange canister with the warning symbol. Decoding Tip: The easiest thing to feel for is the soft plastic welding tool. It’s very pliable and has that odd curvy shape.

24 thoughts on “Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 11 (+ Decoder)

  1. Got the Yeti last week, I’m hoping to find 2 Sax Players as well lets face it……. Its Jake and Elwood.

    It seems like here Constable was most common, I swear I felt that Hat in 7 of the 20 packages I sifted thru looking for Yeti.

    1. Yeah, the Bobbie may be quite common, I got two, one each on separate trips. I don’t mind, goes well with the British Doctor Who brick figures and the Tardis. 🙂

      I think this is a ‘less logistics’ release (sorry to borrow Mattelspeak), note there’s no real major specialized part, like with the Medusa snake body or the Triton fish part. It’s mainly body deco and you can’t feel that.

      The Female Scientist is apparently a Big Deal in some circles.

      Also, Sax Player (swipe a Briefcase full of Blues from another figure 🙂 ) can do double duty as the very needed Agent Coulson figure. Well, too much in the Sideburns department but I think there’s another ‘dark glasses’ head/face without the epic sideburns.

      I need that Yeti. He has to hang around with the Lizard Suit guy. 🙂

      I vote keep doing these things, Vault. You know that. 🙂

      1. Oh, to be able to edit comments!

        I think the Series 2 ‘Highway Patrolman’ head would work GREAT with the Sax Player for an Agent Coulson kitbash figure.

        Just saying. 🙂

        1. Your so not helping, Now I need 5 Jake and Elwood, Coulson (I’m sure I can find flesh colored head and hands), Purple man, and Jigsaw.

  2. Hey I really enjoyed your reviews and pictures. I feel like an idiot “feeling up bags” in stores but I may have to in order to get the figures I want.

  3. Super happy to see these reviews comeback, but can you please go back to the old size on the feel guide? It says you can click on it for a printable version, but that link doesn’t work and when I did get it out to print it, it no longer fits on a page like the old ones did!

  4. It’s actually easier to feel for the Yeti and Gingerbread Man’s heads instead of the accessories. The round head is easy to feel for and the Yeti’s unique dome is big and different feeling so it’s also easier to feel for instead of trying to feel for the smaller accessories. Just and FYI for those LEGO hunters

  5. I’ll never pass up a lego review from IAT. In fact I saw either a series 3 or 3 IAT bump sheet posted at my TRU customer service desk at the time of they were constraining the packs.

  6. I absolutely think you should keep up the Lego reviews! It’s my all-time favorite toyline, and the CMF’s are like an adult Lego fan’s wet dream.

    Your great pictures and reviews make these a must-have, IMO!

  7. lol, so funny reading the comment on the island warrior – 1994 was the time when i stopped with the pirate line (growing the first pubic hair or something) though i thought back then that they were tampo heavy – always liked their dual facepaint
    and the old chieftain mask
    but you’re right!
    still i’m happy that the sculpts are still lasting and all the lego is still so good compatible with the sets from 30 years ago.

  8. On the constable… Looking at the two photos you posted, it’s not the angle you’re seeing the moustache from, it’s that his “angry” eyebrows are hidden in one photo making him look a lot less cranky than the photo where the eyebrows are visible.

    Great job, Vault! You just reminded me that I picked up two packs while at TRU today and forgot about them by the time I got home… Off to see what I got…

  9. I’m not saying this just to say it, but I do enjoy the Lego Minifig writeups! I missed IAT’s coverage, as well as Jester Goblin’s too. To be honest though, I’m done with Lego Minifigs. The last one I collected was Santa Claus. I kind of just stopped caring about them. I think part of me was doing it purely for the thrill of the chase. That got really tiresome though, standing in the middle of a store, feeling up these little bags. I was usually pretty good about picking though, only ever ended up with a few unwanted ones. I still love these minifigures, but I’ll live vicariously through others!

  10. I dog these reviews. I like the feel guide and it’s the best place to get clear view of the accessories.

  11. I love the Minifigure reviews. Personally, I don’t need the Feel Guides. I read them for your pictures and for the commentary. In fact, it was a previous minifigure review that led me to this site!

  12. Do you (anyone) enjoy the “sealed packages”, or would you prefer that the figures are declared on their packaging?

    I collect Playmobil, but grew annoyed with the “Fi?ures” series because my feel-sense was so inaccurate and at $4 / pop it’s a lot to pay for hit and miss.

    On the other hand, I imagine it keeps things fair because it’s harder to identify the rarer figs and buy them all out for ebay re-sale.

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