4H Reveal PowerCon
Power Lords Exclusives

As the weekend festivities roll closer, the Four Horsemen have made an announcement on two new figures they’ll be bringing to this year’s Power Con.


Here are a couple shots of the Power Soldiers we’ll be selling at Power Con during the show and on Store Horsemen the Monday after the show. Each fully articulated and Glyos compatible figure will be 4″ scale, will come in numbered poly-bags, will come with both the staff and rifle, and will be $10.00 each with no limits on amounts purchased.

Power Con will be running from Sept. 14-15, and you can check out the the planned events and attendees at the official Power Con site!

And don’t forget to check out the official Power Lords site for all the latest on the line’s relaunch!

14 thoughts on “4H Reveal PowerCon
Power Lords Exclusives

  1. I feel the same. If these guys were in scale to Masters Classics, I would be in SO! MUCH! TROUBLE!! over them! They are very cool, but at this smaller scale, they are (luckily!) easier for me to resist.

  2. 1:18 RULES!
    Nice color schemes. I’ll need a full squad to start my Power Lords collection. Also $10.00 a piece for a numbered con exclusive. These will be sweet.

  3. Talk about coincidences. I was just over by the Power Lords site last night to check for updates since it’s been awhile.

    These two guys look terrific. Hopefully, I’ll be be able to grab one of each on Monday before they sell out.

  4. The Power Lords Club is now open for membership. Three different membership levels to chose from. Check it out at StoreHorsemen.com

  5. I didn’t realize that this line was going to be 4″. I thought they were 6″. I’m definitely a bit more interested now. Especially at that price.

  6. I would so be buying these if they were 6″ scale.

    At 4″ in scale, I’m passing.

    Part of me believes it’s an omen though: I saw that collector club that they charge money for…..and seeing it like that I was thinking “yeah….I’m glad these are not in the scale I want to buy, considering that”.

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