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Matty on Facebook:
First Look @ DCUC Variants

Today on Facebook, Matty posted a first look at the Wave 12 variants of Mary Marvel and the Spectre.

Today on Facebook, Matty posted a first look at the Wave 12 variants of Mary Marvel and the Spectre. The white Mary looks to be a welcome addition to the line. I’ve been a fan of the white color scheme since it was changed back in the pages of Power of Shazam. The Marvel Family should look great as a trio when Captain Marvel, Jr finds his way into the line. Mary is the 50/50 variant.

The Spectre will be cool as a glow-in-the-dark figure, but it’s still a shame that we didn’t get a Crispus head or a Hal repaint for Spectre. The Spectre will be packed 70/30.

Late last week, Matty also posted the first images of the Deadman variant from Wave 11. I wasn’t sure about the “clear leg” variant before seeing it, but now I think I’d rather have his ghosting variant over the regular figure. This version features the clear extremities and glow-in-the-dark paint on his face/chest and symbol. He’s the 70/30 variant for the wave (Steppenwolf is the 50/50 variant).

DC Classics Resource Updated

In addition to this announcement, we’ve updated and moved our DC Classics Checklist to a new home that is better integrated into the rest of the site. You can view the new checklist here. It is now complete with thumbnails of all figures from DCUC1 through DCUC12 (with a DCSH section in the works) and has been updated with the latest information. We’ve also started hotlinking the DCUC reviews to the entries to make it a more useful resource. Thanks for checking it out!

22 comments to Matty on Facebook:
First Look @ DCUC Variants

  • Whitworths

    The white Mary looks pretty good. It might be nice to find the rest of eight, nine, and ten though. I don’t even want to think about twelve.

  • Whitworths

    Also, I agree on the Specter. Waste of a variant. They could have done two Specters and both could have glowed in the dark.

    • They say that some variants aren’t done because the characters can sell later, but I haven’t thought of an instance where they’ve done that yet.

  • ProSmoker

    Easy pass for me. Mary is supposed to be red and I don’t care about gimmicky variants.

  • Pugliosi

    Mary Marvel will always be red to me. The Deadman looks better than the regular one, but the Spectre doesn’t.

    • One of the things I didn’t like about the regular Deadman was the bright red boots/gloves on the early pics. This clear one avoids all that, so I’m liking it.

      I do wish the phasing came all the way up to his hips though.

  • jasonahurley

    If only Deadman had a non-screaming head. He just looks too mean.

  • Cade

    stupid mattel and your stupid awesome variants…stupid….

    • I have to figure out where to draw the line. I have all the variants so far, but with figures like Deadman and Spectre – do I need both?

      And even if I decide I don’t, could I leave one at the store?

  • Stossel

    I’d rather have the clear and glowing variants over the regulars because it makes for something different.

    • I agree on Deadman, he looks improved.

      On Spectre, that shadowing on the painted version’s eyes really adds something that GITD one seems to lack. Have to see them in person of course.

  • eddy

    is it me or is their just something off about mary marvel? umm…. and i agree that a glow in the dark variant is stupid but we all know that we are going to get them. i would have prefered a crispus allen instead.

    • I’d love to get a Crispus.

      I don’t know about the head sculpt on Mary Marvel yet. One, the girls almost never look the same and two, this picture was really low quality. I sharpened and shrank this one a little to get a better look.

  • jasonahurley

    I’m kind of torn on the Spectre. It’s kind of a dumb gimmicky variant that they made just because it was cheap, but I have a weakness for anything that glows in the dark. I don’t know why, but ever since I was little, I’ve always thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.