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Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Four Horsemen Ed. Wave One

When the Four Horsemen sent over review sample of the newest Cosmic Creator wave, I was really impressed by the colors. While Mel had chosen a metallic path for each of his creations, the Four Horsemen opted to get loud. Metamorpho has been redubbed Megamorpho for this release and the obsession with making him pink has continued beyond the NYCC exclusive Beta version. I don’t mind one bit though, the basic space suit looks fantastic in this shade of pink and it’s a color I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in the line down the road. I think my favorite part of Megamorpho is the new colors on the faces.

I like the pink & green faces, but it’s the cool blue on the more human face that gets me. It looks fantastic in this color and I found myself tempted to swap it out with one of the more traditional purple faces for a more unique look.

The Astro-Nautilus repaint, Neonautilus, has a similarly fantastic deco. The metallic purple and powder blue of the suit are sharp, but it’s really the green “skin” that sets Neonautilus apart. Not that a purple half-man/half-octopus isn’t otherwordly enough, but something about this bright shade of green really appeals to me.

Overall, I’m loving the painted versions of the OSM the more we get and these fluorescent versions are new different. Along with the new names that help craft them as different characters, these guys make my displays look that much sharper than a few painted figures outnumbered by the clear exclusives. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for bright colors, but I’m happy with the choices for the contrast colors and I’m happy with what it means from a “piece” perspective as well. The green octopus arms, the hot pink suit, etc all should make some great color fodder for other OSM or Glyos builds!

Thanks again to the Four Horsemen for sending these along!

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Four Horsemen Ed. Wave One