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PowerCon Armchair Coverage
& MOTUClassics.Com Updates

It may have been a normal weekend at work for yours truly, but this was a big weekend for Masters of the Universe & Thundercats. While I was toiling away, many more fortunate, better planning, or more geographically gifted fans gathered together for the first ever PowerCon & ThunderCon in LA.

While there were tons of great panels & VIPS, we here at IAT were naturally more fixated on toy news. Bandai did not attend ThunderCon, so it appears there’s no news on the Thundercats side of things, however, Mattel more than made up for it at their panel with these reveals:

April 2012

  • Stinkor (Club Figure) – Uses the Beast Man, furry buck and includes two heads (one new and one repainted Mer-Man head), his classic shield, a new gas gun, and the MO2K tanks. He will stink (Patchouli if memory serves?).
  • Griffen (Quarter 2 Beast) – The MO2K Evil Warrior’s ride of choice. Shares some parts with Battle Cat and wings with Swift Wind, but is a great example of smart reuse.
  • Snake Mountain Stands (Non-Subscription) – The 2012 stands are based on Snake Mountain and feature jagged rocks and a lava pool.

May 2012

  • Slushhead (Club Figure) – A great update of the NA villain. His “dome helmet” will be removable and can be filled with water.
  • Mighty Spector (30th Anniversary #3) – Toy Guru’s contribution to the 30th Anniversary sub line. I’m looking forward to this bio – is he connected to our Lt. Spector in any way? In addition to the pics linked below, Spector has some additional weapons according to this post at the Org.

Fan Appreciation Convention Circuit Figure

  • Temple of Darkness Sorceress – During 2011, Mattel sold three JLU 3pks during their Fan Appreciation Convention Tour (SDCC is excluded because it has a unique exclusive). In 2012, they’re extending that program to MOTU with this white repaint of the January’s Sorceress figure as seen in the Temple of Darkness Mini-Comic. She’ll include a stand for the Orb of Grayskull. I’m not sure which conventions Mattel will attend in 2012, but this year they attended Wondercon, C2E2, NYCC, & PowerCon (This means I needs me a WonderCon Friend…).

I don’t have thumbnails for all the new reveals just yet, but the Upcoming Releases page of MOTUClassics.Com has been updated with the latest schedule information.

For pics & coverage of the Mattel Convention – you can take your pick from Matt K’s Fwoosh Article or this gallery at TNI. Also, this thread at the Org has some pics mixed throughout from page 60 on, but I wanted to call special attention to this picture showcasing Shadow Weaver’s articulation. It’s pretty cool.

In addition to the new reveals, we also got a few tidbits on past releases:

  • Draego-Man will only include his flaming sword. Mattel will look for other ways to release his other accessories.
  • BG Evil Lyn & the Wind Raider are both new scheduled for December, the Wind Raider will be priced at $45.
  • Thunder Punch He-Man was shown with a right fist and energy attachment.
  • A ‘tease’ was added towards the end of the Con – a Golden Snake Ring accessory.

SpyMonkey Creations had a delicious exclusive for the show: the BludSaw of Carnage: Typhoon Tyrant Version. :: DROOL ::

Finally, we also got a handful of new Bios from the convention:

SorceressHeroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull, Real Name: Teela’na
Growing up in a small Eternian village, Teela’na helped defend her people from a Horde Scout ship that had discovered her planet on a magic locating mission. Recognized for her loyalty, courage and wisdom, the current aging Sorceress chose Teela’na to take up her title and defend Castle Grayskull’s secrets for the next generation. During her reign as Sorceress, Teela’na not only cast the spell to clone the Sword of He, she was also cloned herself by Skeletor, who desired a magic-wielding bride to pass on his legacy. With the help of Man-At-Arms, Teela’na saved the cloned child. And it was through her undying love and devotion to this baby girl that Teela’na gave her up to Man-At-Arms, awaiting the day when her daughter would become the new Sorceress and Guardian of Castle Grayskull’s secrets.

Temple of Darkness SorceressHeroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull, Real Name: Teela’na
To safeguard the Power of the Universe after their secret bargain with Trolla, Grayskull’s Elders transfused the power from the Sword of He into a giant orb, which they hid deep within the abyss below Castle Grayskull. There, Grayskull’s widow took up the lonely duty of Sorceress, guarding the castle to prevent the power from falling into the wrong hands. For five millennia, her students continued this role while the castle faded from memory into legend. At the end of the Great Unrest, a new Sorceress named Teela’na helped the remaining Elders combine their wisdom to tap into Eternia’s magical secrets with the orb, creating a new, unified force which would be called upon as the “Power of Grayskull” named for the castle which hid it.

Star Sisters: JewelstarHidden Beauty, Real Name: Devena; StarlaBright and Beautiful Leader, Real Name: Gemma; TallstarLovely Lookout , Real Name: Cassandra
In ancient times, an evil sorceress became jealous of the Star Sisters’ youth and beauty and trapped them in a shooting star. It was sent hurling through the cosmos until the three women crash-landed on Etheria. There, they remained magically confined in the side of a mountain until the day Swiftwind’s hooves accidentally loosened the stone that concealed the prison. She-Ra quickly used her powers to melt away the star that held them captive. In gratitude, the sisters pledged their everlasting friendship. Jewelstar magically conjures gem armor to protect herself and others. Tallstar uses her magic to stretch to unbelievable heights. Starla with her pet Glorybird, can sense danger and project spells of light against her foes. Together, they stand side-by-side with She-Ra in the battle for freedom.

Fearless PhotogHeroic Master of Cameras, Real Name: Jey
Apprentice to Gwildor, Jey often daydreamed of life as a member of the Masters of the Universe. His dreams became a reality when he was selected along with five other inventors by the Science Council to journey to Eternos to present his latest creation: The Photog Emulator. During the presentation, a slight miscalculation led to a flux overload merging Jey with his invention. Finding he could drain his enemies’ powers and display their defeat on his chest, Jey called himself the Fearless Photog and was offered membership with his idols in the Masters of the Universe. He heroically fought during the Second Ultimate Battleground helping to defeat several of Skeletor’s warriors including Clawful and Whiplash. Photog drains his enemies’ power, displaying their defeat for all to see!

These bios have been added to our Sortable / Searchable MOTUC Bio Index!

Finally, the Four Horsemen held a Panel at the convention and made some guests appearances, but I haven’t run across too much news on that front. This is particularly troubling, because I did hear there was some artwork shown for MO2K versions of Dragstor and the infamous Horde-Buster Armor He-Man. I have to see those and I’d like to know if any other interesting tidbits rolled out from the Fab Four. If you know of some pics or a link that has more information about the MO2K designs or any other interesting news that sprang from panel, let us know in the comments section.

30 comments to PowerCon Armchair Coverage
& MOTUClassics.Com Updates

  • Shadow_Contact

    Thanks for all the info, searching thru heman.org is sometimes a chore. Plus after the Photog bio I’m not looking forward to the inevitable complain fest.

    • I was disappointed that the Photog Bio didn’t follow the implications of the Mission Patch, definitely a much cooler story there than the one he was given. I think Spector has soaked up all the negativity for this round though.

      • maybe it has something to do with the secret binding two worlds spoken of on Cpt Glenns bio.
        Lol at Photog being Gwildors assisstant wonder is that means we will be getting a Gwildor soon?

  • da man

    I am sure you have heard most of the feedback on Spector (mostly bad), but what are your thoughts on the figure? Do you think this is foreshadowing the type of figure we might see win the Create a character contest? I would say probably not since that is being judged by several people. I think the look overall just looks like too much of the 90’s characters we saw by Liefeld, Jim Lee and many others(which at the time I was very into). It works for when TG came up with it, but does not seem to have been updated at all by TG for today and the look of MOTUC. I am sure the fact that people tend to have to out for TG (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not) does not help, but I am just not feeling it…

    • I’m happy for Toy Guru that he got to do this, he’s the brand manager and this scenario (the 30th Sub) lends itself to the people involved having this opportunity – and better him than a “celebrity” like Geoff Johns who has no connection to the property. That said, I don’t think I like the design. I’ll surely appreciate it more in person, so I’m waiting to have a concrete position. It doesn’t stick out like some have suggested – can anything stick out in MOTU?

      It does look a lot like Deadpool even though he should be older than Deadpool? I may have my dates out of order on that…

      • The spade and the things on the eyes are what I find annoying. Everyone seems to be hating on the Colors but I think they are fine. Soem have said he could use a hooded cloak and I agree

  • Say now…

    I know my vintage MOTU knowledge is lacking but did Fisto always have a giant gem nads protector?

  • Beedo Sookcool

    This is the first I’ve seen of Spector, but I can’t help but think “Deadpool.” Looks about as MOTU as a McFarlane Comics character. Still, he looks kinda cool, and I’ll wait until he’s in-hand before I make any more judgments.

  • I believe that is a 200x addition, and it will be removable.

  • I hope the event was a success, there was an impressive list of names of people attending, so I’m sure it was an absolute MotU fan’s wet dream! Too bad Bandai didn’t show. I was looking forward to some cat nip!

    I was a bit caught off guard by Spector. He looked a little too Marvel/X-Men for my taste, but I think I’ve warmed up to him a bit.

  • da man

    Someone recolored the bright yellow harness dark blue somewhere else and he looked much better. I think his face is just too plain, but some simple changes could make this more MOTUish in my mind. I know MOTU has a lot a variety, but for some reason Spector sticks out more than others.

    • Shadow_Contact

      I’m thinking they should have gone all out on the Playing card motif. Imagine a Diamond and either the hart or club over the other eye. As for the figure he seems okay, considering except for the harness, head, and left arm he appears to be nothing but reused parts. (Something tells me the Harness and Head are meant for reuse on another figure though). Now as long as Toyguru doesnt decide to make Spector “Skelly’s Future Son” it should be an okay figure that will just take some shelf space.

  • jackstatic

    Like most of you, I feel spector just needs a little something extra added to his costume to stand out. Overall I think he is a fine figure, and I like him more than photog and the star sisters, but thats not saying much. Regardless i think scott deserves the figure.

    Now how about that snake ring??????

    • Ya know, I think He-Man’s furry loincloth and boots would change the figure for the better. SOMETHING that ties it to the line, visually.

      • Beedo Sookcool

        THAT’S what it is that’s bugging me! It’s that spade design on the harness. It’s just to . . . Terrestrial. If the character turns out to be some kind of mercenary transported from Earth, I could easily be satisfied with that, no probs. The figure looks pretty cool — he just doesn’t look very Eternian.

        Maybe if they showed a picture of the character in that sort of constipated half-squat that the vintage MOTU toys used to have, instead of the “comic book badass” pose he’s in, I could see the connection better.

        Oh well, as Noisy says, we’ll see how things look in May. (Or more likely for me, June or perhaps early July.)

      • Clay

        Some fur wouldn’t go amiss – it would definitely put him more on the ‘heroic Eternian’ side of things (for five thousand years they’ve stuck with furry loincloths – I don’t care how far in the future he comes from, I bet they’re still wearing them).

        But I really don’t grasp this idea that he doesn’t look like a MOTU fig. For one thing, he’s entirely made of past MOTU parts; and for another, this is a line that mixes barbarian warriors, giant reptile people, demons, techno alien monsters, and cybernetic gun-stuffed cowboys. It has no unified concept.

        I think that might just be me though, as it’s a very popular viewpoint…

        • Beedo Sookcool

          You’re right in that what has come before hasn’t been very unified in looks from the onset of the line going towards the last series, but I think they did have one thing in terms of æsthetic unification, that being that they all looked outlandish or outrageous. Sheriff with a mustache? Boring. Sheriff with pop-out guns where his stomach should be? Wild. Spector just doesn’t look “crazy” enough to fit in, I reckon.

          Now, while it would certainly be cause for comment if you saw some guy walking down your street dressed like that, it is entirely possible to see someone dressed like that here on Earth, as opposed to, say, a nine-foot-tall stretched-out knight in pearly armour, a six-limbed bug guy with eyes on extendible stalks, or a conjoined monstrosity which argues with itself.

  • Lovable-Bill

    Until today, I had no idea Spector was being hated on so much. To be honest, I was not surprised at all to see that figure show up. I think it looks pretty great, and I am very much looking forward to the release. I just love how everyone is hating so much on a figure that is just something new and a bonus to the line. Its not like it is a butchering of a classic.

    • Devil’s advocate:

      OTOH a vanity driven project like this keeps us from getting Ram-Man, as no matter how you swing it, there’s development and logistics being eaten up in the production of this.

      And as we all know, Development is SUPER TIGHT. Draego-Man is only getting his sword, I assume to pay for the INTENSELY COMPLICATED wing deco. And lordly-lordy, they’re already spent Development on his other accessories, what WILL they do? HOW will they get these bits to the fans? If ONLY there was some way to, I dunno, sell items over the internet…

      Oh, sorry, I slipped from devil’s advocate into full-on sarcasm there. 🙂

      • Clay

        But does it though, really? The anniversary line has a wholly different concept and, presumably, budget allocation – its contents have as much to do with a Ram Man-less 2012 as the infinite earths club. (okay, maybe a little more, but you know what I mean.)

        • Well, my view is the entire “we don’t have the budget to do (x)” is in the end meaningless. Oh, I’m sure there IS a budget and a ROI sheet has to be generated for every figure/whatever, but all these “rules” that Toy Guru whips out to silence dissent appear to be capricious and arbitrary.

          “NO 200X LOOK ALLOWED!!” and then they start whipping out some very 200x heads and accessories would be one.

          I think they have the budget to do what they want to do and when they don’t want to do something suddenly the budget is to blame.

          • dayraven

            that’d be my guess as well… otherwise those “homage to the dials that controlled the action features on the figs” would be a waste of tooling dollars.

            the problem i have w/ the spector design is the rather obvious deadshot/deadpool/deathstroke look that says this figure was NOT the character he designed in the 80’s for the contest. he probably drew a big purple blob w/ a card on the chest, and now, as an adult, he’s designing a toy that harkens back not to his childhood, but to the era of comics that he loved in the 90’s. color me skeptical, but it’s not like this tool has been exceedingly honest w/ us over the last several years.

            and hey, they couldn’t cost out draego’s weapons… big surprise. especially when the price tag is getting hiked up. what a bunch of wankers. that’s fine, i didn’t need they’re crappy toy. there’s so much good stuff coming down the pipe that honestly, motuc has worn me thin. i’ll continue to follow the news, cuz i do love the property, but this tool of a brand manager and the mis-management by the company that owns the license have pretty much done me in as a customer. wake me up mattel decides to bring motuc up to the standards set in this century… or they sell the license to square enix. 😉

  • carlos

    The Spector figure looks much better in person. The Horsemen did a great job on taking a child’s concept and making it work. Besides, it was missing a few accessories that they’re still working on. I don’t know why everyone’s so pissy, you don’t have to buy the figures, no one’s forcing you. If you just want your Draego Man, shell out the extra five bucks for him and stop whining.

    • well for those of us who paid for a 30th sub we kind of are being forced to buy him. i think it all boils down to alot of people hate TG to begin with and the fact that he looks like any number of characters (Deadpool/deathstroke) and doesnt really look like a MOTU character

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Oh, yeah, the Snake Ring!

    I’d say it’s probably 50/50 that it’ll come with Snake-ified Teela or Snake-ified Man-At-Arms. O’ course, if it turns out to be packed with Sssqueeze, Snake Face, Tung Lashor, Rattlor, Snake Men Warriors 3-Pack, or “Egyptian” King Hssss, I certainly wouldn’t mind being proven wrong. };D

  • Dark Zodac

    Does anyone know why FEARLESS PHOTOG was named JEY? I thought that was an odd choice. Anyone know the story as to why this name was choosen, or was was it just a name picked out of a hat by Toy Guru?