Outer Space Men Wave 3 Comet
& Mystron Review (20 Pics)

It looks like we made it! No, I’m not singing along with Barry Manilow (not that I’ll admit to anyway), but Review-A-Palooza concludes with our tenth review and we saved a pretty sweet set of toys for last: the Infinity Editions of Outer Space Men Wave 3: Commander Comet and Mystron!

Spy Monkey Creations
Armory Series 1 Review

Over the weekend, Spy Monkey Creations officially unveiled their all-new weapons lineup for 2012 featuring Glyos compatibility. While the new swag won’t be on sale until February 3rd, the gang over at Spy Monkey Creations was kind enough to send a set of SMC Armory Series 1 our way for review.

Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4
Galactic Holiday Edition (18 Pics)

I was hoping this Christmas would see another release of OSM with vac-metal accessories. I loved the 2010 set and was excited at the prospect of Waves 3 and 4, with their much cooler weapons cache, getting the same treatment. The Horsemen didn’t disappoint, but... lavender & turquoise? Who knew?!

Four Horsemen Announce Galactic
Holiday Outer Space Men Waves

Waves 3 & 4 of the Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men figures have shipped from the Four Horsemen's factory and are scheduled to arrive in their New Jersey warehouse late next week, so they're going to be taking pre-orders at Store Horsemen for them beginning Monday, December 5th at 9:00pm EST.