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Tamashii Features is Bandai’s own personal toy show, showcasing the new projects and properties that they will be releasing in the following year. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, took some time to check out all that Bandai had to offer.  All I can say is my wallet was definitely not ready for the Power Ranger surge!

Tamashii Festival
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It’s convention season and ItsAllTrue is kicking off our convention coverage with a look at Tamashii Feature’s Summer 2011 show.  This year Bandai’s showing off plenty of Gundam, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai (Power Rangers), Godzilla and more to whet your toy collecting appetites.

Most Requested Figures: Power Ranger’s Rita Repulsa

This suggestion comes to us from IAT reader, AllMindsAboutEverything. So a quick thank you to him and an encouragement to anyone else with a character for this article! We will read them, and though we can't do everyone, we do appreciate hearing your ideas! A link for submissions will follow at the end of the article and we'll try to remember to include that every time going forward.

Now, I have to admit upfront that I'm not a big Power Rangers fan. I'm not down on them. I could say that I'm too old - I was thirteen when it started and the ship sailed without me. But being old isn't a defense since some of the older IAT writers, Rant & Vault specifically, are older than me and they both love it. Enough that I've sat through many plot recaps and discussions about a show I didn't want to watch! Still, they loved it, they're my friends, so I have respect for it even though it's not something I care about.