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Spy Monkey Creations
Armory Series Archive

Visual Checklist & Reviews

This visual checklist is for the Armory Series accessory line from Spy Monkey Creations, Inc.. This page features alternate builds that have been submitted by Spy Monkey Creations customers and fans that wish to share their designs and provide a little bit of inspiration for future builds! If you have an image you’d like to submit for consideration, skip to the fine print at the bottom of this page!

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Lay Ze-Man Lay Ze-Man Lay Ze-Man DoomKick DoomKick
DoomKick DoomKick DoomKick DoomKick DoomKick
DoomKick DoomKick DoomKick

For more information about or to buy Spy Monkey Armory Series visit SpyMonkeyCreations.Com

Before you submit your image, you must read and agree to the following:

Inclusion in this archive will be at the sole discretion of Spy Monkey Creations, Inc. and/or ItsAllTrue.Net. When you submit your image for our consideration you are granting IAT and Spy Monkey Creations, Inc. the right to publish the image royalty-free, non-exclusively, and for an unspecified term. We reserve the right to not use your image, or to remove the image and/or link at any time without reason. Similarly, you can request that we remove the image at any time via e-mail. Submitted images should not be larger than 480×640 pixels, can not exceed 100k, and the builds showcased should be primarly made of SMC pieces (though pieces with Glyos, Outer Space Men, etc. parts will be considered). Images that don’t meet the criteria laid out here will be disregarded. Also, images will be added as time allows. If you don’t see your submission right away, we’re likely up to our ears in toys reviews. Please be patient.

If you consent to the above and would stil like to have your build considered for this page, simply e-mail the image to Submissions@ItsAllTrue.Net. If your picture is part of a Spy Monkey Creations review that is published on your site, please include a link to the review for consideration as well!

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