New Visual Checklist: Spy Monkey
Creations Armory Series!

Strictly speaking, this particular checklist went live with the new website, but I wasn’t quite done with it! Now that I have all the pages ready to go, it’s time for a formal introduction. Plus, if you’re a fan of Spy Monkey Creations work, one of the pages needs your help!

The fellas at Spy Monkey Creations actually asked for this checklist some time ago, but I’ve been a busy little bee and it took me awhile to get around to this particular commitment! (Sorry, guys!) Now that I’m a little less behind on everything, I’m proud to announce our latest visual checklist! Here’s the main interface for the checklist which will be available from the main page by clicking the SMC logo to the right:




The Weapons & Pieces pages are pretty straight-forward. The Weapons page will feature the accessories as they come packaged by Spy Monkey Creations while the Pieces page will endeavor to show off the individual components. For now, these pages are pretty much alike, but as the Armory Series grows the need for both will become more apparent.

The Builds page is going to be my favorite though, provided some of you SMC fans are willing to help out! The idea behind the Builds page is to showcase what you can do with the SMC pieces. There’s a submission process outlined at the bottom of the Builds page (read the fine print before sending anything in!) and we’ll use your submissions to build a library of creativity using SMC parts. That sounds cool to us! How about you?

For more information about or to buy Spy Monkey Armory Series visit SpyMonkeyCreations.Com

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Creations Armory Series!

  1. Nice! Just snapped a few pics of some weapons I threw together, so I’ll be sure to throw ’em in the ring! 😉

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