Matty on Facebook:
MattyCollector and DCUC Wave 9

Amid all the flocking discussion today, Matty posted a tidbit about the future of DC Classics Wave 9 (& beyond) on MattyCollector.Com:

They [DCUC9] will be $12.00 and we wil have the variants. All the figures will be “open stock” meaning you can order individual figures. Starting with Wave 11 we will have box sets that include all the standard figures and the 50/50 variant. The box sets will not have the chase variant.

Separately, Matty has said they will have the waves about a month after they hit retail.

11 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook:
MattyCollector and DCUC Wave 9

  1. A good move I think. Retail (B&M and Online) get a month to get off their collective arses and put product on the shelves then Mattel takes the sales direct. I, for one, have no problem waiting to get a box set without all the run around. I do it already with BBTS.

  2. Its about time mattel did this. Hell Hasbro has been doing this for years now! Maybe it will put a fire up the B&M stores to ACTUALLY stock these, or better yet. Put them out on the shelves. I’d Rather get these direct from MAttel that pay well over retial from another source.

  3. YES! Finally and I guess if I order them with the other monthly figures they won’t cost too much more then in the store

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