TheFwoosh has the names for
this years DCUC Fan’s Choice

Check it out: DCUC Fan Poll 2

I’m in between on the choices. On the one hand, I’m very excited this year doesn’t have a “somewhat” heavy hitter like Question or Huntress to make the polling obvious at the get go, but I’m also reserved about some of the choices. I’ll give you one here, the Super Friends Toyman (check Fwoosh for the rest!) – if he doesn’t win (and he’s got some competition) when will we get him? That being said, he might be the clear favorite for that very reason.

I think the best way to sum up my feelings is that two or three of the choices are very high on my DCUC wishlist and it’s a bummer to know that all but one of them are MORE than a year-and-a-half away. If not longer, we still haven’t seen or heard anything about Starman, Catman, Ragman, Vixen, or Huntress. Let’s hope we see a couple of those in the 2010 lineup and some of the round 2 runners-up in 2011.

2 thoughts on “TheFwoosh has the names for
this years DCUC Fan’s Choice

  1. you mean, no choice yet for jon jonzz?

    i don’t know that i’d agree w. you on “no clear winner.” teen titans is not that old a series and everyone else (‘cept beast boy who’s already slated, right?) has been made. and raven got a HUGE burst in popular knowledge after that. i’d wager she’s a shoe-in.

  2. I agree about Raven, she’s a higher profile character than any of the others. But I think Toyman can make a run for it because of the SF/SP nostalgia that runs rampant in DCUC and it’s buyer.

    Can’t be much more than that though.

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