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DCClassics.Com: Green
Lantern’s Light 5pk Review

Guy Gardner is supposed to be the centerpiece of the set. He’s the one where you say, “I don’t want to pay $60, but, despite the crappy Sinestro, I get some decent repaints and a sweet Guy Gardner figure. That’s what was supposed to happen anyway.

Guy uses a basic buck with eight new pieces. He’s a little taller than the others because of the new feet and because he’s got one heck of a noggin’. The beautifully sculpted 4H head shown at Toy Fair hasn’t translated to an awesome finished piece. I love the sneer, but he head is simply too big. Combined with the feet, he towers over his other GLers, he towers over the JLA – you have to put this guy towards the back with Kilowog and try not to notice. That’s more than a little disappointing to me.

The other new pieces all look great. The glove and boots look sharp. The jacket is a soft overlay piece and while it’s a little baggy, it looks just right and doesn’t block any of the articulation.

Speaking of articulation, the set is built on five bucks so everything is where you expect it. All of the heads have some decent up or down range though they tend to stick and move a little jerky. Hal still has that slightly side-to-side tilt that only the early DCUCs can do – I wish they’d bring that back.

There were no major paint issues in the set either. The lantern tampos are a little washed out and the glove lines are a little fuzzy in places, but the rest of the paint apps are pretty sharp.

The set also includes five lanterns. I still prefer the DC Direct version of the lanterns over Mattel’s, but what a difference color makes! Up til now, the lanterns were released in this very light green that never really matched with the figures. For this set, they’re all done in a fantastic deep green and are looking better than ever. I still prefer the DCD ones, but this shade of green helps me appreciate the original sculpt even more.

Overall, if you’re a huge Green Lantern fan, if you love Guy Gardner like no other, if you want all the DC Classics, or if you run a website that has a big DC Classics Collector’s Resource, then you may need to get this set. But it’s not for the casual collector. Yes, at $60, the five figures are cheaper than buying singles – but remember there are no C&C pieces here, so that’s somewhat misleading. Still, if you bought last year’s pack – the Gotham City 5pk – you knew what to expect too.

While I don’t feel like I got my money’s worth, I am happy that I have this Hal and John Stewart for my display, I’m happy to have a Tomar to add to the GL ranks, and Guy’s a little wrong, but I can live with it. Mattel should just give up on Sinestro though – three strikes and you’re out, right?

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23 comments to DCClassics.Com: Green
Lantern’s Light 5pk Review

  • R. Lenz

    I loved this 5pk. I do think the price was a little high but what isn’t anymore.

    • I just question it needing to be $60 considering the almost complete lack of new pieces. A wave of DC Classics generally has 70-100 new pieces (counting the C&C) and 5 of those is $75.

      • Brainlock

        yep, I don’t know why this is $60 when the Gotham 5pk was $50.
        actually, I paid $40 for one on clearance, and next time I went, they were already marked down to $30 and grabbed the last one for customs.

        Of course, WM.com says that store will have these. 7.5 miles away.
        meanwhile, the one I walk to ~3 miles away won’t get any. sigh….
        (I need wheels. lawyer better pony up ASAFP!)

  • Eric

    This pack is a pile of crap. They should’ve stuck with a Tomar/Guy two-pack. Three figures literally have the same exact body with no differences in paint, and the only new parts in this pack are most of Guy and Tomar’s head. I can’t even equate the cheapness of this with anything done by anyone else.

    • Lowe

      I want to hold that against it, but I also want to build a giant GL Corp. That’s not going to happen without a lot of different heads on carbon copy bodies.

      That said, this pack really needed new heads for Sinestro and John. I wouldn’t have any issues if they’d just gone that far.

      • That’s true – a GL shelf when all is said and done is kinda boring. LOL

        That actually should make GLs more opportune for packouts like these – tool five new heads and get five unique GLs. The only problem is every pack would have to have a Hal Jordan in it.

  • Megatherium

    Hopefully with the Hal Jordan / Sinestro 2 pack coming up Mattel will finally have a good Sinestro, at least I’ll pull a Sait Walker and Hope… 😛

  • Mose

    I can see mattel making a modern Gardner with a new head and re-coloring Tomar Re into Tomar Tu. Both are too easy for mattel to pass up.

  • 3B

    So close, yet so far…

  • Lovable-Bill

    Thankfully the upcoming Sinestro/Hal two pack will have a corrected Sinestro.

  • Russ

    Noisy, is John Stewart’s head better articulated than the Wave 11 figure? That’s my biggest concern.

  • AmericanHyena

    I kinda like the extra height/bulk on Guy. Dude was a football player after all. My mental image of him as always been the thicker, jockier of the human GL’s.

  • Graham

    This set was great! I found it last week and couldn’t wait to get it home. I’ve been dreaming of a shelf full of Green Lanterns for years and I think Mattel has a good chance to do something impressive.

  • Kronis

    Great review. Lets me skip it! 🙂

  • Zach

    I got this set on WM.com and used the site to store shipping. While that was great, I was a little disappointed with the in-accurate costumes/heads, and the lantern symbol. I did love the new shade of green, tho. Great review!

  • I think my biggest let down for this set is that they didn’t tool up new hands for Tomar Re… Romat Ru has four fingered hands while Tomar Re has five fingers?…