ItsAllTrue Overseas: Tokyo Figure Show

Our partner site in Japan, Tokyo VR Studio, has provided us with more of their unique coverage. This time they’ve taken their cameras to the 2009 Tokyo Figure Show.

The 2009 Tokyo Figure show is a showcase put together by to help showcase the effort, skills and know-how that goes into crafting figures. TVR took some time to visit the gallery and has posted the images for our viewing pleasure:

  • Panoramas
  • – Click on one to expand the virtual tour. You’ll be able to scroll up, down, left, right, and zoom.

  • Static Images
  • – Products, displays, and general atmosphere of the figure show.

In addition to the new images, they’ve also added hi-res images of their 2009 WonderFest coverage. Please take some time to check out their photography and while you’re there, please leave a comment and let the folks over at TVR know we appreciate their hardwork!

12 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Overseas: Tokyo Figure Show

  1. dude, i don’t know how you got this little co-operative gig going, but it’s cool by me… they have some really nice pics!! some of the bots shown at wonderfest had the boys and i drooling!!

  2. These figures are AMAZING! I can’t get over how well they’re sculpted. The pictures do them justice (So nice job to Tokyo VR Studios!). It’s a good thing these types of toys aren’t available regularly to me… or I’d be in trouble.

  3. They have some weird stuff over there. Y’know, I almost never see any imported Ghostbusters stuff. There has to be at least one cute, innocent Janine figure over there somewhere? Or hot girls wearing the GB uniforms? Or dressed like the ghosts? Right??

  4. The pics are so cute! I like the little adorable chibis, especially the little one riding the lion-thing. They were all so much fun to look at, though.

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