Vault Review: Chrono Trigger Formation Arts

Crono and Frog. As Crono peeks around the corner to see what monsters lay ahead, Frog is preoccupied with ridding the world of one more rat. The back of this display is a simple rock face, with all the action happening on the front side. This set has a ton of detail. From Frog’s armor, and the clear blue water that he and Crono are walking through, to the terrified rat standing in front of him and another one hiding in a hole in the wall. I really like the scene, it’s just a shame Crono is turned away. Although it’s accurate, it’s also strange to display the back of a figure.

Crono, Robo, and Ayla. This scene looks a little crazy out of context. In the larger picture, these three are under attack in the market square. Alone, it kind of looks like Robo is freaking out and Ayla has been taken prisoner. I love the spilled bowl of apples and the clear swirling effect of Robo’s spinning fist. But I think this is kind of an odd choice for Ayla. Unlike Magus, she’s actually in a couple other promotional drawings, one where she’s even riding a pterodactyl. That would have been a much better fit for her character. Maybe we’ll see something like that if there is a second wave of these?

Crono and Marle. One reason why it would be such a crime if this scene was exclusive to Japan is that, along with Crono and Lucca, Marle is the third main character. The pendant she’s holding in this scene is what starts the whole time travel adventure. It would be a shame if the thousands of hard core fans outside Japan didn’t get a chance to pick a main character. Ultimately, there are only seven characters in the game and there’s no reasonable excuse that they aren’t all available. Another reason why it’s a shame is because there are some really nice areas to this set. There are bits of plants sticking up in front, and from behind you can see the gnarled tree roots twisting around the base. But my favorite part is the tree’s leaves. Molded in a translucent dark green, the sculpted canopy gives the impression that light is shinning down between the leaves. It’s a really impressive way to make a tree without casting a large shadow over the little set.

I’m pretty happy with this set all around. It’s also nice to finally get some sort of product from this game. If they plan on making a second series of Chrono Trigger trading figures based on art, I would like to see characters like Johnny, Gato, Nu, and Kilwala. Those may sound obscure, but I think most fans would be delighted with them. It would also be nice to see the Epoch. Or, there was a very specific scene in the game where all the characters are sitting around a fire at night, contemplating what or who truly brought them together. That would make a very awesome diorama. But ultimately, being a toy guy, I want action figures. That seems about as farfetched as a game sequel though. Maybe if these sell well, we can hope to see something for the 20th anniversary in 2015?

If you’re looking to pick up the American box set of these figures, it’ll run you about $30. Not too bad, but you run the risk of not getting the entire set. If you’re a crazy fan like me, and you want all five scenes, then you’ll probably have to order a set from Japan. This will run you closer to the $50 price range, maybe even a bit more. But with how rare Chrono Trigger merchandise is, that price might still be worth it.

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  1. This looks like the set I saw at Jungle Anime in Little Tokyo Downtown LA. I think the set I saw was a sample set though and it was awesome! My brother and one of our friends, who are huge Chrono fans, were drooling over this set. I have a feeling they’ll pick it up!

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