Vault Review: Nicholas D.
Wolfwood (Revoltech #092)

Wolfwood actually comes with more accessories than Vash. But like Vash, most of them are extra body parts. He comes with twelve alternate hands including two holding pistols, one holding the center of his cross, one holding the strap to his cross, two fists, and various versions of open hands. Like Vash, his pistols aren’t removable, which is disappointing. Along with the hands are also three alternate heads: one happy, one not happy, and one angry. I was shorted an unhappy face and given an extra happy one by mistake, so you won’t see that one in my pictures. Wolfwood also has alternate hair with molded on sunglasses that you can use instead of his regular hair piece.

Wolfwood’s cross is an accessory with its own accessories. The bottom of the cross can be replaced with the machine gun piece. While both the top and bottom can be switched out for the rocket launcher parts. Then there are the special firing effects for both sides. Similar to Vash’s gun, the machine gun side of the cross has a blast spray with a cool trailing pattern that can be attached to the nozzle. On the other end, there is a blast effect with a rocket coming out that can be attached. These both make for some very dynamic poses. But if you don’t want to display the cross in weapon mode, there is a strap that can be attached to it for Wolfwood to carry.

Lastly, Wolfwood comes with two very small cigarettes. Both are nicely detailed with a filter and a small bit of ash with a red spot on the end. The cool thing is he can actually hold them between his fingers. I was pretty happy with that, considering smoking is a big part of Wolfwood’s look. But you will have to be careful, they are small and I’ve almost lost one twice now.

Wolfwood is my favorite character in Trigun, but I’m not entirely happy with this figure. I love the articulation and accessories, especially his cross which is insanely detailed. I like that he came with cigarettes and an extra hair piece for his sunglasses. Even though I’m not a fan of all the wrinkles, I can live with his look. But I’m very annoyed by the height difference between him and Vash. Also, Vash has so much more “life” to his figure. When I see him sitting around on my desk, I want to pick him up and pose him and his crazy coat in a thousand different ways. I don’t get that same feeling with Wolfwood, and that kind of disappoints me since I had high hopes for him. Wolfwood will cost you about $30, like,Vash. And you might feel compelled to buy both, just to complete your team. But, if you’re really looking to buy just one of these figures, go with Vash.

13 thoughts on “Vault Review: Nicholas D.
Wolfwood (Revoltech #092)

  1. I have to say… I just bought these guys, partially because Trigun is really the only anime I love, but also because your reviews showed how badass the toys are… I have the toy tribe ones, but I need to add these guys too..

    I do wish one of them had the cat.. seems like a silly omission.. umless they make the girls and include him with one of them.. then all is forgiven!

    1. Wow, thanks for the compliment Jedi! I must be doing something right if I’m actually getting people to buy toys, lol.

      Yeah, I’m annoyed about the lack of cat still. I’m kind of curious if there will be more figures in the Trigun series?

    1. Sorry Nik. It’s one of my favorite pics, and it turned out so nice that I had to put it in.

  2. point a. If you got this from Hobbylink Japan, they’re VERY good about customer service and if you’re missing a face I’m sure they’ll supply the right one. It can’t hurt to at least ask!

    point b. Are you sure Wolfwood is underscale? I never got into the Trigun anime but I was pretty sure Vash was a tall drink of water and Wolfwood was more ‘normal human’ size. I’m willing to accept I am completely off-base on this. 🙂

    point c. I am in no way an expert on this but what I’ve gathered is Yamaguchi is the ‘go-to’ guy for super dynamic character models, he made some wild garage kits and his sculpting for the Revoltech line gets praise. He’s working on those Lupin III figures. I want to see how he does Zenigata (trenchcoat!) and Goemon.

    point d. Revoltech figures are almost more models, and it seems you’re EXPECTED to pull the arms or legs off of one figure and stick them on another. Go ahead, put Gamera arms on Wolfwood, I dare you. 🙂

    point e. You can buy spare Revolver joints at Hobbylink Japan. Just in case you get some bad ones. Bet you wish that could be done with the MOTUC figures. 🙂

    (hmmm, I wonder what would happen if one of the master customizer guys that hang around here took a He-Man and replaced the Mattel joints with Revoltech joints….)

    Good stuff, Vault! Keep up the great work!

    1. Replacing all the joints in a DCUC/MOTU fig with Revoltech-joints is a pain in the arse because of all the resculpting you have to do, and you don’t even get that much more useful articulation. Also, the figure’s sculpt is ruined because detailed muscle areas clash with very smooth spherical Revoltech joints everywhere, you end-up with something looking like early Marvel Legends figures.

      I would do it, for, like, $200.00! xD

      1. I dig. 🙂

        Still, given how much trouble there seems to be with the ankles of many of the MOTUC figures…bah.

        Yeah, the Revolver joints are best used sparingly and blended into the sculpt, not an afterthought. I can see that.

    2. Thanks Steve!

      I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that extra face yet. I didn’t order mine from Hobbylink, plus I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble for something I’m probably not going to display.

      Yeah, Wolfwood is way too short. Vash is just a bit taller than Wolfwood in both the comics and anime.

      Speaking of those Lupin figures, I’m not sure about ordering them yet. They look great and come with great accessories, but I don’t know. I will buy the car if they make that though. That thing looks awesome, and all my five inch figures will be pimpin’ in it, lol.

      1. I think the Benz SSK used in that display was a standard existing model kit, probably 1/12 scale or thereabouts. I can’t see them doing it for the characters, but OTOH, they DID make a big-ass horse for Raoh in the Hokuto no Ken line, so…

        Lupin just popped up for pre-order at HLJ

        No Jigen yet. MAN look at that thing. I’m still a bit iffy about the shoulder parts with the bits of jacket on them, but I have to say that allows for a MUCH larger range of movement than anything else. I think it’s all a matter of just not posing his arms in too extreme a manner.

        Check out the bullet strike effect parts. 🙂

  3. Not sure if want…

    Seems like a pretty good figure, but his height and ugly neck detract. Don’t know about laying 30 bucks on him. If they make Milly and more, I’ll be more tempted. Otherwise, I could stand to add Vash to my Toy Tribe Meryl and call it a day.

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