Vault Review:
POC Cobra Commander

Aside from the armor, CoCo’s wearing some pretty nice clothes. He’s got this really neat coat that looks like it was a costume from Doctor Who. There’s a Cobra symbol on the back, which is placed a little low for my tastes, but it’s still good. He’s got a normal looking pair of slacks on that don’t seem to have any pockets. Last, but not least, are his designer shoes. All together, I guess you could call his outfit Casual Urban Warfare.

The Commander’s articulation is pretty basic for a Joe. He’s got a ball jointed head, abs, and hips. His shoulders, elbows and ankles are swivel/hinges. His wrists are swivels, and his knees are double jointed hinges. There’s not much you can’t do with articulation this good. The movement of his head in particular seems a little wider than normal and allows for some very expressive looks.

One thing I was tempted with was to keep him in his box. I’m not a Mint In Box guy, but CoCo here comes with a unique card. Instead of the blue that decorates these new waves of Joe figures, the Commander’s box is colored red. With his picture on the side, and the Cobra logo in place of the Joe one, his box is very eye catching. There’s also the benefit of the reverse side having a letter written to the troops printed on it, along with his file card. Ultimately I opened mine, but I bet there are going to be a lot of fans who decide not to.

All around, I’m pretty happy with this guy. He’s got a much more intimidating look with the new mask, and even though he’s a chase figure, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be too difficult to find. Like all the other Joe’s, he costs about $8 and is definitely worth it.

26 thoughts on “Vault Review:
POC Cobra Commander

    1. Yeah, that’s my bad. I don’t usually talk about packaging, so I didn’t think to take pictures before I opened him.

      Sorry about that. 🙂

  1. Ug. I’ve gotta say that I absolutely hate this CC action figure. There have been a few gems in the movie-related lines, but I can’t stand that CC head. But I’m old, so it’s best to ignore me. And get off my yard! Ya damned kids!!!

    1. Lol, it’s not for everyone. I’m actually a big fan of the the old chrome mask. Maybe that’s why I liked the chromed version of the movie version?

  2. damn TRU didn’t put that figure out yesterday….stupid stupid stupid store!

      1. Nope, but I did find him at target today and bought him immediately. I now need some more Crimson Neo Vipers and I shall have his bodyguard.

  3. I definitely prefer the mask chrome-plated, rather than the transparent mask from the movie figure. That’s pretty much the sole reason why I left that figure on the pegs, even when it was $1.98. I’ll be looking for this one.

  4. I believe Mr. Leavitt is also in the running for the Riddler in the 3rd Nolan Bat movie.

    1. Yeah, like I said earlier, he looks at least a little intimidating and not like a burn victim.

  5. dude, the battle standard is a swerve… in other words, if you put the flag on someone else’ tank, that’s the tank that will draw the joe fire AWAY from the tank CoCo is actually in… gotta think like a tyrant to roll like one.

    1. lol, I guess that makes sense. But CoCo is pretty egotistical, would he really allow someone else to use his flag?

  6. Looks TOO much like Destro, imo, and not in a good way. pass.

    btw, which Baroness is that? I don’t think I saw this skirted version?
    on rare occasions, I’ve been working on a 6″ scale Joe customs, and I think I now have the solution to a Baroness (esp as I used my last spare Domino for Scarlett!)

  7. Vault, I hope it’s OK, I’m just not keen on any of the Joe Movie stuff. I can see the effort Hasbro is putting into the figs and that’s cool but man, they’re just not GI Joe to me.

    (of course the only REAL GI Joe is 11 3/4 inches tall, has life-like hair and beard and Kung-Fu Grip, so, I’m a dinosaur)

    But I do have to say I’m impressed with the (amazingly impractical) high heels on the Baroness there. How they do that? Clear foot with the heel a paint app? Are there holes in the soles for a stand? Those are tiny feet, I don’t see how they even get them out of the mold without breakage…

    1. That’s the cool thing about Joes, there’s a generational theme for everyone to love. I was a huge Joe fan when I was a kid, but these movie toys appeal to me also. I think it’s the fact that they all actually look like they’re in the military lol. Also, I like that the Joe technology and weapons are mimicking what the real life military R&D is trying to do.

      As for the Baroness’ high heels, like FakeEyes22 said, they are real heels. It amazes me that she can stand also. I wish all female figures could stand this well.

  8. @Steve Harrison

    Impressively enough, its a sculpted high heel with the peg hole in the toe area. It’s pretty well done. The plastic on the modern joes is solid, but just soft enough so that it gives rather than breaks. I couldn’t break the heel off if I tried, unless I cut it.

  9. There’s also a new face sculpted under the mask. But it’s unpainted and the mask is glued on, so to see it, you pretty much have to pry the mask off.

    1. I was wondering about that. I noticed they were two pieces, but I didn’t want to force it off. It’s interesting that they went to all that trouble for something that won’t be seen. Maybe a future figure will show the transparent mask again.

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