Matty on Facebook: Packaging
& Bios for Zodak & Teela

Mattel has given the release dates for He-Man and Skeletor reissues.

Mattel has given the release dates for He-Man and Skeletor reissues. (November and December, respectively). They have also shown the packaging change for reissues will include a starburst tag that says “The Original”. Mattel posted images of the reissues in package on Facebook.

The He-Man is looking good with the corrected shoulders and less red around the eyes. And Skeletor looks to sport a different, tighter grip on his left hand.

Mattel posted the back of the boxes on Facebook as well. The back of Zodak’s box shows the Green Goddess with the title “Trainer of He-Man”. I’m not sure how that will play out, but here’s the Teela and Zodak bios from what I can read:

Real Name: Kar-Tor

An ancient and powerful enforcer for the Council of Elders, Kar-Tor studied the teachings and mystic fighting techniques of the Cosmic Enforcers and knows how to instantly identify an opponent’s weakness. After his mentor, the original Zodac, left Eternia to fulfill the Eldor’s bargain with Tolla*. Kar-Tor took his place on the Council and helped lead them in battle against the Snake Men, eventually trapping King Hssss in the void with the power of his staff. Although he prefers a solitary life of meditation in the Mystic Mountains, when he is called to battle, Zodak attacks his enemies using all the power at his command.
*-Mattel mentions a typo on the bio, I’m guessing this should be Trolla.

Real Name: Teela

The adoptive daughter of Duncan, the current Man-At-Arms, Teela grew up in the palace of King Randor. Trained from an early age in the ways of battle, at 18 she became Captain of the Guard, leading Randor’s troops and acting as a defecto member of the Masters of the Universe. She has yet to become aware of her true heritage as the magically cloned daughter, and heir to, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. She carries the staff of Ka which was once used by the Snake Men in their epic battles against the Horde and King Grayskull during the Great Wars. Teela uses her magical staff to track her foes every move.

25 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: Packaging
& Bios for Zodak & Teela

  1. that skeletor does indeed feature a different hand. His original left hand had a wider grip to hold his staff, that one his more like his right hand so he can actually hold either weapon in that hand.

    He-man doesn’t look as shiny in that photos, plus he has normal shoulders.

  2. well i wish he was coming out oct. since i will be getting other stuff from them then and would have be able to i guess enjoy a month of being hooked into the subscription hold till december plan

    fixing the shoulders pretty much means i’m getting him and the different grip on skelletor makes him a maybe so overall i guess i’m happy with the reissues i just wish the date for he-man was different

      1. It stinks, though, they they’re not doing anything for the people who already bought the toys they messed up on… like a discount or something. Those things add up. :\

    1. yeah… that shouldn’t confuse anyone in a couple of years when these things hit ebay again…

      you know, i stretched out my reg skeletor hand putting that staff shaft in it… so now they give us two small hands to ruin instead of one? the handle of his sword and the handle of the havoc staff are two different sizes… so one fist size won’t work.

  3. That’s a much better He-Man overall. Is the hand all that’s different on Skeletor?

  4. I want to know how Zodac’s real name is Kar-Tor, what is the significance of that?

    1. I’m not sure, that’s somewhat of a strange choice.

      Do you think is his brother was still killed by the Snakemen? He doesn’t studying the cosmic ways, but he could still die.

      1. It’s possible…i just find it odd hordak is Hek-Tor and he is Kar-Tor…It just feels like their is an amazing story we aren’t getting all of.

  5. Okay, Zodak’s bio is pretty sweet. I love how he’s been merged with the first Zodac. But what’s the bargain??

    And Teela’s a clone? What’s that??

    1. In the mini-comics, skeletor kidnapped the Goddess( whom the green goddess is based on and would be turned into the sorceress for teh cartoon series) and cloned her to make an evil version of her, but Man-at-Arms rescued her and raised her as his daughter, hence teela being a clone of the goddess/sorceress

        1. i didn’t realize it either. i must have missed that mini comic although being 4 or 5 probably puts some of that stuff over my head at that time.

          so she and smurfette have the whole created by the bad guy thing in common i guess.

        2. I thought (or maybe I just heard someone say this?) that Teela was the daughter of the Sorceress/Man-at-Arms?

  6. Thanks for copying the bios, I couldn’t read them on Facebook. ^-^

    Why is Teela a clone? That’s not cool!

  7. Also, Zoar had two deco’s. Teela will have the first version and someone else will have the later version with the extra red/blue paint apps.

    If we assume Screech is coming to, that brings that bird mold up to five uses: Wonder Twins, Beast Boy, Zoar 1, Zoar 2, Screech.


      1. Don’t forget the new “Ornithologist Barbie” and her twenty seven birds 😛

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