20 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: An Introduction to Fortress Minimus…

  1. On our recent trip to the Oklahoma City Lego Store, we stopped at a few stores that we don’t have here at home to see what we could find.

    At a Gordman’s, we found a slew of Transformers bootlegs. They were all cheap, and cheaply made. I sorted through them and found plenty I liked. The ones I really wanted were shrunk-down combiners: Devastator, Defensor, Computron, Superion, etc. But I was only going to buy one I decided, and I knew which one as soon as I saw him. A shrunk-down version of a toy I had always wanted: Fortress Maximus.

    He’s a neat little guy for $5. The bootleg people made plenty of weird decisions; each time you look at him you see a new little quirk. It’s partly because the original FM was crammed full of so many working parts and the bootleg actually kept more of them than you’d expect. I can take a few serious pictures of him to show off his detail (and sometimes lack thereof) if folks would like to see it.

  2. A $5 figure can split into five parts and each of those parts can then transform into a vehicle. For $5. Maybe I should just start buying bootlegs.

  3. the only problem is, you have to be uber gentle w/ those gordman’s boots… i bought my kids the insecticons set i found there and literally, they came apart pulling the card off the blister.

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