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Trigon Review

Paint work is great. The leather bandolier across the chest isn’t perfectly painted, but it’s done pretty well. The four eyes and face details are painted great and combine with the sculpt to give this four-eyed, red-skinned demon a fairly realistic face.

One tiny area where Mattel might have looked into painting things differently was in the lower torso/crotch piece. See… Trigon is going commando and, by virtue of the buck, he’s got no junk. I’m not pointing it out as a flaw. I just find it funny.

Articulation is standard for the line. Trigon has retained his rocker ankles even though the “designers wanted options” and removed them from the rest of wave thirteen. He has great range on his head by virtue of two changes made to his construction. Instead of a ball-joint, Trigon’s neck is topped with an upside down cone and the hole into the torso is a short canal that allows for greater overall back and forth movement. I’m hoping we see this change on all future bucks.

Trigon includes his trademark staff. Some folks have called it a trident, but I don’t know. It is three-pronged, but those are really the head and wings of the small dragon sculpted on top of the staff. It can fit nicely in either hand and is as almost as tall as Trigon himself.

Overall, Trigon is a decent addition to the C&C roster and he impresses me even though I’m not that familiar with his character. I love the sculpted details and the paint work, but the cloth cape just really brings up some negative feelings about the figure. I’ve been displaying him without it for a couple days and it’s made for a happier reviewer. Cape aside, I think the only thing Trigon suffers from is that he’s basic (but well articulated). With many of the previous C&C’s being so unique, he seems rather odd. He may not be a standout, but he’ll fill your ranks nicely.

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27 comments to DCClassics.Com:
Trigon Review

  • Pat

    That loincloth gives me hope for an Apache Chief.

  • Gildeft

    That underwear joke is hilarious lol and I got that Cyborg hes great figure but mine Cyborg legs doesnt go up =/

  • Kilodog

    Great jokes this time around.

    Giganta’s huge!!

  • Greverse

    I really like the usual suspects shot. Very useful!

    Trigon seems okay, but he should be bigger.

  • Rich

    Did you finally acquire a Giganta head??

  • Rann

    Not only am I utterly unfamiliar with Trigon (sorry, I was just a bit too old to be enthralled by Teen Titans), I don’t care for his inclusion as a BAF, CnC…whatever. A Trigon figure would not compell me to purchase this entire line, especially at the all-too-familiar DCUC price point.

    Now a Silver Age Colossal Boy? Now you’re talking! DCUC needs to start producing the classic Silver Age Legion, and improve upon those rather flat, poorly articulated offerings from DCD years ago.

    Please…no Bronze (much less Lead) Age Legionnaires.

    • Brainlock

      You did hear that a Validus CnC is coming in w16, I believe, right?
      We got teased the Legion is coming, and should hear something from SDCC this weekend. Some are saying 5pk set, others are hoping for themed waves.

      Besides, we already got Tyr coming (thanks to his Super Powers status).

    • How do you feel about the wave Brainlock is mentioning? Where Validus is the C&C, but the lineup is fuller of new figures/designs?

  • 3rd Duke

    I missed out on New Teen Titans too. I was just too young.

    It is nice to see a fully articulated BAF for the DC line though. Too many ‘Wogs and Chemos with limited articulation recently.

  • Brainlock

    so I’m the first Titan-ophile to comment?
    First off, Trigon was the dark master of his ruined dimension (Yeah, he’s Satan, much like Neron and Lucifer, but DC can’t call him that!) who sought to gain entry into our realm by his offspring. Enter Arella, who became mother to Raven, who reformed the Titans, et cetera, yada, yada. I don’t know where that other bit you got came from, besides Wiki. I don’t recall that ever being mentioned before unless it’s been revealed in the Teen Titans book in the last year (I dropped it). The only “new” twist I am aware of is the current series adding Raven’s brothers, modeled after the Seven Deadly Sins.

    Trigon’s more of a behind the scenes player, and the few times we’ve seen him, it’s the usual sneak into his dimension, trick him and/or kick his red tuchus and scat, rinse, repeat. I can’t comment about anything else, other than those top eyes really bug me, in a dead gaze sort of way. About the only thing I would add to this figure would be his throne, Perez style.

    I don’t have w13 yet (or w12!), but it did sell out from MC in under three hours, according to Matty. I guess I’ll be buying my set online, elsewhere?
    (one local WM is still overstocked on w10, the other has mix of six figures from last year, won’t re-order. forget Target.)

    • I read up on his various Who’s Whos/SF/wiki to get all that and boiled it down, but you boiled it down nicer. Sounds like an 80s book – a puppetmaster that you have to go beat down and come home. LOL

      Our WMs are also OSed on 10. One clearanced them out at $11 and then stopped carrying them. One did just got in 12 and now those are sitting around too.

  • Adrian

    He looks really dynamic in your pics, but I think it’s the contrast of his colors.

    And did a cloth cape kill your parents in a dark alley? Geez! LOL I hate ’em too though and his looks especially awful since it’s made of that shiny plastic fabric Mattel uses for capes. I thought I read that some Predator figure has a perfect cape for him, but I can’t remember where.

    • Yes! Violently! Like I said, I liked cloth capes as a kid, but this new fabric isn’t really tradtional cloth. It’s cheaper, almost like plastic threads if you will.

      It’s really more the inconsistency that bothers me. If they haven’t used cloth yet, then they shouldn’t start now.

  • JediCreeper

    I have to say, I love the cloth cape, so I really like this figure (hey, they even put a wire in the base) I do wish the upper eyes had more… feeling(?) to them… because, even sculpted as they are, they have no emotion, which is weird as his regular eyes do.

    its a nice figure though

  • Rod Keith

    I understand the irritation from the inconsistency, but I can certainly see how a full-length plastic cape likely wouldn’t have fit in the ding-dang box.

    Doesn’t bother me, personally. Maybe you should think of it as Mattel expanding the line’s horizons, or giving the designers more options… 😀

    • Oh no you didn’t! lol

      I’m positive that the problem was “how do we fit this in the box”. Personally, I’d rather him have a shorter cape than a cloth one.

  • Heli

    Maybe they’ll offer a replacement plastic cape on mattycollector for $20.