Vault Review: Jazwares
A-Team Van & B.A. Baracus

The interior of the van is very simple. There are four seats and the front console, all of which are molded in a light gray color. Even though there are no paint apps on the inside, there is a lot of sculpted detail on the console. Air vents, a radio, and various other controls and segmented panels are all present on the dashboard. Some paint or stickers would have really made this part of the van sing. I’m glad the sculptwork is there, but the plain grey plastic doesn’t live up to the sculpt. Another thing I was really disappointed in with the van was the lack of any room behind the two back seats. It would have been nice to have a little area back there, accessible through the two back doors. Instead, the area is blocked off entirely and used for the lights and sounds.

When you push the button, which is the gas cap, you hear one of five sounds. They play in order, looping back to the first one at the end. While each sound is playing, the front headlights blink on and off. (I was lucky to get a van that has a burnt out headlight right out of the box.) All together I find this feature a pretty big waste. If the lights would stay on instead of flashing, that would be better. Also, I don’t really need the movie phrases. They could leave the van’s sound effects I guess, but I don’t really care for them either. What I would have preferred is the A-Team theme song. If I were a kid, playing with this, I know that’s what would be going through my head. So why not make it a feature?

All around, the A-Team figures are okay. They have great articulation, but you do have to be on the lookout for a nice paint jobs. I might pick the rest of them up if I can find some decently painted ones. Also, the van and the figures are both great additions to anyone’s 3 inch figure collection. They could fight off Cobra, or just give the X-Men a ride to the fight. At about $7 a figure, they’re decently priced too. They van will run you $25 which is a littler cheaper than a similarly-sized Joe vehicle. If nothing else, they make great bystander characters and a normal looking vehicle to add to your displays.


26 thoughts on “Vault Review: Jazwares
A-Team Van & B.A. Baracus

  1. I wanted a B.A and the van but I have yet to see one of the figures look better than okay and the van is a little pricey.

  2. Some really good pics here, it looks great! Still no luck finding it around here.
    From the sound of things, the sounds are pretty much useless. Wish they’d left ’em out and just priced the van more cheaply.

    1. That probably would have been better. Even just dropping the price by $5 would have helped them sell.

  3. Great pics. Do you have any more pics of the slider side with the sliding door closed? Thanks.

    1. I didn’t even realized I didn’t show that side lol. I’ll get that up for you.

  4. I passed on these the other day. They’re okay, but they’re just not good enough.

    I love the sticker on the door to remind you it’s not broken. LOL

  5. I think I prefer your A-Team better.

    I really want to pick up the van, but the price is dissuading me for now. Vault, are you okay with those bull bars leaning forward a bit? It seems like they should be straight up and down.

    Also, I’m a bit sad to see that no one recognizes that B.A. Baracus is being portrayed by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, one of my favorite MMA/UFC fighters. He took the role due to fond memories of watching A-Team with his dad. Even sadder is that he lost his latest fight this past weekend by decision…

    1. Thanks, I like my A-Team better too, lol.

      I don’t mind the bull bars leaning so far forward as long as gravity doesn’t make them horizontal in the long run.

  6. Yeah, I’m not into wrestling/ufc, so I really don’t care who’s playing BA as long as he looks alright playing the part and he can act.

    Man, I was thinking (like everyone else) of making this into the old-school Punisher van, but this one is too awesome-looking, to be honest! Frank’s van was very plain (but deadly!), BA’s van is frikkin’ sweet, add a laser-cannon on a rail around the roof and it’ll be even better xD

    Toy of the Year right here! Better than any dumb MOTUC fig. (*raises main deflectors* xD) I like the vehicle’s sound effects, just wish you could choose what noise to play at will, like on Leader-class Brawl.

  7. @orionpax – I had no idea Rampage’s intentions were so noble. A lot of these UFC dudes seem to be chomping at the bit to get into a movie. Hope he does better than Couture.

    I remember watching the A-team when I was a wee lad. But I hadn’t watched an episode in probably 20 years until just recently. I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. It was completely absurd! They get involved in gunfights with fully automatic weapons and things are blowing up everywhere, yet no one gets hurt. They just detain the badguys Scooby-Doo style at the end of the show. LMAO! God, you have to love the ’80s!

    1. Yeah, Rampage has had a slightly checkered past, but he’s a very intriguing individual. (Interestingly, he’s stated that he regrets doing the movie, due to how the Fox studio treated him.) Bottom line, these guys might love fighting and are high-level athletes, but are well-advised to seek something like a movie role, that can pay them an income later in life. A LOT of pro careers end before they’re supposed to, in any sport. But it is VERY true that “fighters think they can act, and actors think they can fight.”

  8. I can’t wait for the van in my mind it’s the main character and BA is 2nd! Ship it bbts!!!

  9. Photos… to… hard… to… resist…! D@mn you, Adventurevault!!! D@mn you to heck!!! Because of you, BA and van now graces our toy shelf!

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