Ask Matty – May 1st Edition

Ask Matty
May 1st, 2010

1) SilntAngl asks: Any new information about when the 12″ Movie Masters of Superman or Lex Luthor will join Zod?

They are coming, but we went back to make some improvements. Likely Holiday 2010.

2) Mr. Rant asks:What factors into Mattel’s decisions to include certain figures in “best of” assortments? What best of assortments should we be looking for in stores right now?

The “best of” assortments tend to include the top selling and/or most mainstream characters (like Batman and Superman) that appeal to collectors as well as moms and kids.

3) Vault asks: Can you tell us a little more about the Infinite Heroes Starro from SDCC? What material is it made of? Will it have any internal armature?

It is made of a rubber material with bendy metal wires running through it, similar to Clayface’s arms but with a more heavy-duty material.

4) Vault asks: Why was the decision made to “amalgamate” a couple different Starro designs to make the SDCC Starro instead of just going for the classic look (long tentacles / bullseye eyeball)?

We wanted to go with the most recognizable version of Starro so we looked at the different ways he has appeared over the years when translating him into a toy form. In the end he became a bit of all things Starro.

5) Noisy asks: We know that Wun-Dar lived a hundred years before Adam, but what era is Scareglow, or more specifically, Karak Nul from? Was Nul around during Wun-Dar’s tenure as the Savage He-Man, from further in the past, or closer to the present?

That remains to be revealed.

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28 thoughts on “Ask Matty – May 1st Edition

  1. Excited to hear about 12″ Superman and Lex Luthor. I know some people didn’t care too much for the Zod, but overall I was a big fan of him and I can’t wait to add more to a Superman: The Movie figures. I’d like a Lois too, but I know a female body is tougher since it’d be all new.

    1. I think the fans just want to see them in 6″ more than anything.

      That and the 12″ market is the strong, silent type. 😉

  2. wait, holiday 2010? what holiday? 4th of july? veterans day? thanksgiving? kwanzaa? boxer’s day? secretary’s day? mardi gras? international housekeeper’s week? rosh hashanah? iced tea month? cinco de mayo? the anniversary of the october revolution? WHEN?!?!!?!?!?

    and by “remains to be revealed” he means “karak nul has a bootprint on his ass about the size of wun-dar’s left foot.”

    1. LOL.

      Yeah, the last pic there seals the deal for me. Wun-Dar fighting a contemporary Skeleton man? Perfect.

  3. Moms and kids sure must love the wave eight characters and headless Giganta…

  4. Similar to Clayface? So Im paying 50 to watch a toy rot in five years? No thanks.

    1. Yeah, they need to assess if it something in a future bio or not. If not, let it out somewhere. The MOTU fans would love it.

      1. I just wish they’d stop with the non-answers altogether.

        They could get creative and give small incredibly vague teaser answers that would be better than that.

        Something like “Well, we will tell you this: somethingsomething cryptic something…” or whatever.

  5. so evidently going for nearly 100 bucks online, having a ‘must have’ BAF piece AND appearing on a popular Batman cartoon isn’t enough?

    Well damn, you just suck then Gentleman Ghost.

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