Vault Review: Iron Man 2 Mission Tech Armor 3pk

I’m trying to be good and put away a little money for the SDCC exclusive onslaught, but Hasbro and Iron Man are making that difficult. I innocently went to Toys R Us in search of new Prince of Persia Legos, and out of nowhere I spy this Iron Man 2 3pk. “Haven’t seen this before,” I thought and picked it up. A few minutes later, I’m cursing myself for being weak as I hand it to the cashier. But my weakness is your gain.

I can tell you how Hasbro suckered me into buying this. One, they’re in 6 inch scale. Joes and Star Wars can stay small, but I like my super heroes big. And two, these three armors each have something I like about them. So between the scale, designs, and paint, they’re a pretty snazzy looking group.

Each of these figures has the same basic articulation. Ball-joints for the head, shoulders, wrists, thighs, and the mid-torso. Double jointed elbows and knees. Hinges on the shoulder pads and ankles. Pretty good articulation all around. Also, each figure comes with at least one accessory.

First up is the Arctic Crusader Armor. This guy is the one who caught my eye in the package first. He’s got this great black and silver color scheme that’s highlighted by a cool metallic blue. I also really like the bulked-up armor. This hulking look makes it believable that Tony could take this armor for a stroll across Siberia and then punch, or drill, his way into a secret Russian bunker.

The biggest problem I have with this figure is the accessory. He comes with a giant drill that is supposed to clip onto is arm. Unfortunately the clip isn’t very strong, so the drill has difficulty staying connected for long periods of time. Also, for some strange reason, Hasbro made the drill able to spin, but you have to turn the drill head by hand. It would have been a nice action feature if a rod ran through to the back so you could spin it from behind.

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10 thoughts on “Vault Review: Iron Man 2 Mission Tech Armor 3pk

  1. Is your Star Flare Armor’s helmet symmetrical? I was so hung up on checking for the best paints, I didn’t notice that the bottom part of the front (gray part near the hole you were talking about) looks MELTED. The little knob on the left side looks kind of squished. I was hoping to compare it to yours, but it’s a little to small to tell.

    1. No, mine’s not melted looking, but it still doesn’t fit. I didn’t really look too hard at the helmet either when I was picking mine. All the bad paint jobs distracted me I guess lol.

  2. Re: Iron Man’s Star Flare armor: “The background that this figure stands in front of shows him standing on the Moon, the Earth is over his shoulder to the right, and for some reason it appears the Sun is about to pass between the two. Now, I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a tight fit. Also, I’m not sure why Iron Man is the one who’s supposed to take care of this problem.”

    I’m not sure either, but I’m pretty sure it was Reed Richard’s f@cking idea. What a tool.

    Also, does EVERYONE have to take a ride on Battle Cat? It’s awkward, and people are starting to say things.

    1. Agreed on BC.

      This is a great set, but I want the Kmart one more. Then again, they’re the same price, so that stinks.

      1. There aren’t any Kmarts around here, so I might get lucky and not be forced to buy them because of omission.

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