15 thoughts on “Thanks to the IAT Forum Members for 10,000 posts!

    1. That’s why the colors are wrong! For a minute I thought I was crazy….. yellow Riker, Red Data, and green Picard…. LOL XD

      I doubt there are all that many folks that have all three of those. Or at least did back in the day.

      And is the bridge playset the last great playset? Seems like it….

      1. And great job on the dialogue! I know it’s only a couple lines, but in my head it sounded just like them!

      2. man, I think I might still have some of those, except I never had red Data.
        I know I still have the Bridge, NMIB (flap popped open moving)

        and you’ve got Ens. Ro, but not Tasha?
        (and is it scary that I can recognize her from that position? 0.0)

  1. Atta boy IAT crew! =)

    Keep this boulder rollin’! I wanna see it finally catch up to Indy (-squish-).

  2. That pic reminded me of two things:

    1. I’ve never really watched much Star Trek TV episodes, of ANY era

    2. I own exactly zero ST figure

    Congrats to IAT posters!
    Let’s hope the next 10K are just as fun! 🙂

  3. i’d like to remind of a few of the regular IAT commenters who have not yet appeared on the forums(you know who you are)… i promise, none of us bite… signing up is free, having an opinion is free… and it sure beats getting totally plowed on st patty’s day and spending three hours sleeping on your bathroom floor. give us a try!!

  4. Yes, come join us! We’re a pretty fun-loving group. What’s the worst that could happen… really?

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