Vault Review: Iron Man 2 Mission Tech Armor 3pk

I’m trying to be good and put away a little money for the SDCC exclusive onslaught, but Hasbro and Iron Man are making that difficult. I innocently went to Toys R Us in search of new Prince of Persia Legos, and out of nowhere I spy this Iron Man 2 3pk. “Haven’t seen this before,” I thought and picked it up. A few minutes later, I’m cursing myself for being weak as I hand it to the cashier. But my weakness is your gain.

I can tell you how Hasbro suckered me into buying this. One, they’re in 6 inch scale. Joes and Star Wars can stay small, but I like my super heroes big. And two, these three armors each have something I like about them. So between the scale, designs, and paint, they’re a pretty snazzy looking group.