Ask Matty –
February 16th Edition

Ask Matty
February 16th, 2010

1. SilntAngl asks: Katma Tui had great legs. No, really! They were made of a sturdier plastic throughout instead of being softer past the thigh cut like most figures. Can this arrangement be used on all the women going foward so their legs aren’t warped while they’re in package?

Yes, we are looking at using this type of material for the legs going forward. We’re always trying to improve things!

2. Mr. Rant asks: MOTU Fans aren’t sure about what’s going on with production numbers in light of recent statements about the amount produced over subscriptions being “relatively small”. We know you can’t get into specifics, but can you clarify that for fans – are the 2010 figures still being produced in the same amount as Tri-Klops (the last time a raise in production was mentioned) or has production scaled back down due to the total number of subscribers or the reissue program?

We sold way more 2010 subscriptions compared to 2009 and are still judging how many fans, above and beyond the subscribers, are out there. We’ll raise and lower production figure by figure and do our best to get it right. The best way to guarantee all of the characters is for fans to sign up for the annual subscription program.

3. Manekochan asks: How far back in Wrestlemania history can the Heritage line currently go? I don’t watch wrestling much anymore, but I still have a soft spot for the guys from when I was a kid back in the 80s!

We will absolutely get to key Superstars from the 1980s in time! We are big fans of this era!

4. Vault asks: In Moss Man’s bio, the Second Ultimate Battleground is mentioned. If I have my MOTU history correct, Moss Man was featured on the second vintage promotional poster from Mattel. Is Moss Man’s bio referring to the poster as if it was capturing an important moment in Eternian history? If not, what is the Second Ultimate Battleground?

You’ll find out more about the first and second Ultimate Battlegrounds soon. We have the bios and the timeline well thought out, but we’re not ready to spill the beans in a Q & A so you’ll have to wait for future bios.

5. Noisy asks: We recently bought a JLU Superman figure that came with a Phantom Zone Projector. While it’s not comic accurate, it fits perfectly with DC Classics. Has Mattel looked into accessories that could be used in both lines if a happy medium were reached with scale? For example, an accessory like Kandor could work for both lines if done correctly.

While many accessories may work across lines, we do not intentionally create them to work this way. It is many times just a nice coincidence!

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36 thoughts on “Ask Matty –
February 16th Edition

    1. lol… I also noticed how Battlecat was selling at an online retailer (Past Generation Toys for like $60+) at the same time… Went on the site for Battlecat, did not come out with one… kinda pissed, actually. Luckily, a friend got me one… still, kinda pissed I wasn’t able to get it myself. I had it in my cart at 9:05 this morning… but it kept telling me it was sold out… So you’re telling me it sold out in 5 minutes? Thanks a lot, pal… I’ll remember this.

      1. My biggest problem today was that the WSOD wasn’t coming on. I got hung up twice on blank screens and had to start over. The only thing that really saved me was that the cart remembered my coupon code and saved me a step. I got out just a few minutes before BC went.

  1. “While many accessories may work across lines, we do not intentionally create them to work this way.”

    Uh, WHY THE HELL NOT?! Doesn’t this way save you a bunch of money by needing only 1 mold instead of 2?

    Aside from that, my only complaint is that there were 2 too many MOTU question this round 😛

    1. I just found out that Kandor was from the DC line but used for JLU! They already blew it!

      And that Phantom Zone projector is perfect for DCUCs, it just looks wrong.

  2. feh… I’m going to be boiling over the whole “buy a subscription or you don’t deserve these toys” mentality… I do not want to collect them all.. though it looks like I might not even be able to collect a few. all or nothing is not a good business model

    1. I wanted them to include everything next year, but I’m feeling put off by the “super all in or nothing” too. I do think I want everything, but it doesn’t feel right…

      I know that means I was telling Mattel they were damned either way, but what are you going to do?

  3. I saw that the Wrestlemania figures went back a few years, but they really, really need to go back all the way. The guys today are good, but I’ve never been more entertained than I was back in the day!

  4. Not bothering with subscription thing either. Its an “all or none thing” and if they include beasts AND bonus figures the 2011 price will be a lot higher than 2010.

    Being a fan of only a few figures apparently has its priveleges. 🙂

    1. I think I’m signing up. I’m feeling pressure from the other IATers, they’re all doing it and combining shipping is nice… but am I going to want all the beasts? I just don’t know.

  5. I love the picture with the legs. You have Matty telling you that the legs are going forward, but in the picture you have Mary, who came out after, with her bowed legs. Nice.

    1. Also, I love the JLU Phantom Zone Projector, but who did it come with?

      I’m glad you do these pictures, it really takes the sting off the answers.

  6. Will you please ask Mattel next month if MOTUC Subscription holders missed Battle Cat, can they use their coupon code for his second run?


      1. Here is another:
        In Japan many companies participate in Wonderfest, a 1-day event that takes place twice a year. The event allows customizers a chance to purchase a 1-day license to sell their own interpretations of licensed characters in limited quantities. These are often resin ‘Garage kits’ that need assembly and painting and must be 100% original work by the artist.

        If other North American companies also participated would a North American ‘Wonderfest’ be something that Mattel would be willing to Participate in?

  7. “We sold way more 2010 subscriptions compared to 2009 and are still judging how many fans, above and beyond the subscribers, are out there. We’ll raise and lower production figure by figure and do our best to get it right. The best way to guarantee all of the characters is for fans to sign up for the annual subscription program. ”


  8. You’d think that someone at Mattel would go ‘these will be mailed out after Toy Fair, we should answer them like the people will already have seen the stuff at the show.”

  9. Yesterday was a nightmare! When I finally arrived at the main screen, it was just a couple of minutes past noon (EST). I quickly added TJ, but couldn’t add MAA. It said he was “out of stock”! How in the blue hell, right? Well, I proceeded with my order of TJ and the stands, but my order wouldn’t go through! This was at about 12:15. I was stuck on the billing screen for another 15-20mins, when mounting pressure from my wife forced me to give-up.

    About 30mins later, while sitting at IHOP, I checked the website on my iPhone and Holy Toledo! MAA was available! I added him and box of stands and was done with it in less than 5mins… on my friggin’ iPhone… on a 3G connection. By that time TJ was long gone and so I basically only got half of what I wanted. Matty failed me yesterday.

    They can keep their f’n subscription. I think after Evil Lyn, I’m done with MotUC.

    1. That really sucks.

      I was really lucky. I’ve been listening to the people that have had the problems and I experienced most of them. The only thing that saved me was a second tab that was running the WSOD (bad, I know). When my order timed out and didn’t submit, that one caught the main page with the items in my cart, coupon deducted, and I was able to make a second run for it just before time run out.

      It was easily the worst day they’ve had after a year of bad days!

    1. I know. The thing that gets me is that with some characters it’s easier to do the action feature than making a bunch of extra parts.

      Take Man-E-Faces for example. Much, much easier to just put the three-sided head inside the helmet than it is to make multiple snap-on faces.

      I think Extendar could be the same way. Instead of making four extra limbs, how hard is a little telescopic action?

      The hope I have in this area is with the Four Horsemen. I wonder if Bill Benecke work’s on MOTU?

  10. Very clever association of the Ultimate Battlegrounds to the promo posters for MOTU!
    Looks like Vault is on to something there. Nice work!

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