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Amusing Articulations: When Do You Want Your Brimstone?

28 comments to Amusing Articulations: When Do You Want Your Brimstone?

  • SteppenLobo

    Per the last Q&A, Matty apparently has handed these off to Target.

  • Hank Henshaw

    You’ve bought too much crap throughout your life.

    I guess that’s why you’re qualified to run this site. Let he among you…

  • TomB68

    Authentic Dust! What are the other two figures we need again? It’s funny that no one cares about whatever the two figures are, but a lot of people are annoyed about their Brimstone sitting around headless for months.

  • Kilodog

    Not that anyone asked, but I see from left to right…

    Justice Jogger – Super Powers
    Spaceship – ?
    Chandolier – McFarlane, I think.
    Hordak’s Head? – I have no idea.
    Picard’s Chair – TNG
    Dr. Fate’s Half Helm – DCD
    Unknown item on the chair
    Darkseid’s ship piece – Super Powers
    Unknown blue thing
    Pirate Flag – Lego
    Stargate – DST’s Stargate
    Egyptian Guard – McFarlane
    Three unidentified red things
    Tresure Chest – ?
    Trash Bin – ?
    Hologram of Death Star – Star Wars
    White pillar – ?
    C-3PO Pieces – Star Wars
    Present Trap – LotDK
    Starfleet Stand – Playmates TOS
    Ladder – ?
    Nightwing Accessory – BTAS
    JLA stand – JLA
    Got Milk Hot Wheel – Hot Wheel’s
    Geordi’s Visor – TNG
    Space Ghost Mug – Space Ghost

    • Ryan Terri

      The ladder, trash bin/map holder, treasure chest, and I think the other thing on the chair is a book from the Mezco Nemo set.

      • Kilodog


        That leaves…

        The unknown spaceship
        The Hordak head
        The blue thing behind brimstone
        The three red things
        The white pillar.

        • The treasure chest isn’t from Nemo, but Ryan is right about the rest.

          I kinda wondered if people would try to guess. I do know what everything there is, so if no one gets it I can reveal all.

          Here’s some hints…

          The spaceship is from an animated movie.
          The Hordak head is not from Mattel.
          The “blue” thing is from a dead toyline.
          The three red things and the TWO white pillars (They’re stacked) are from the same playset.
          The treasure chest isn’t from an action figure line.

          • Brainlock

            spaceship: Titan AE?

          • Lay Ze-Man

            Ah! Royal’s custom Hordak head, right?

            • AdventureVault


              • Lay Ze-Man

                Nice! I remember because iirc he was offering them alongside his Snake Armor He-Man shields.

                I passed on Hordak because I didn’t trust my customizing skills to have anything come of it.

                Got one of the SA HM shields, though.
                All I had to do was paint it! 😀
                Really improved that shrimp of a figure quite a bit!

                • Wee! Point for you.

                  I think it was Vault that snatched up the head for me, but as you can see I never used it. I had the Sword (still might, might have sold it with fisto) and the shield somewhere.

                  I sold my SA He-Man though. I really hope he gets a Classics version.

                  • Lay Ze-Man

                    Ah! Yeah, I already had a custom Fisto sword so I didn’t need Royal’s.

                    A MOTUC version of SA would be great, provided we get a more 200x-style head sculpt.

                    I do like the standard He-Man head, but I’m getting a little burned out on it.

                    That was one thing that 200x got right.
                    For all of its “pointless” He-Man variants, we got what, 4 different head sculpts?

                    • You raise a great point. There should be different heads. They’re removable, so swappable. We could get an angry heard on Thunder Punch and then reuse it anywhere else in the line if we so chose.

                      Did I ever tell you that you’re a genius?

  • AdventureVault

    That Hordak head is probably the hardest one.

    • The Hordak head will be an easy thing for the right people. That treasure chest took me the longest time to remember where it was from.

      How many of the thirty pieces could you name?

  • Bones McCoy

    The scary thaing about that picture is that it looks like a normal room or something. It doesn’t look small at all.

  • dayraven

    the hordak head is off the staction… did you acquire just the head, or did your staction have a bad day?

  • Johnny Briggs

    Great picture! LOL

  • Anymore guesses on the last three…

    The “blue” thing is from a dead toyline.
    The three red things and the TWO white pillars (They’re stacked) are from the same playset.
    The treasure chest isn’t from an action figure line.

  • Limbfilter

    The blue thing right behind brimstone is a pod from a darkseid destroyer, from the superpowers line…