DCClassics.com Review
Multiverse Superman
DKR 30th Anniversary

“I want you to remember… my hand… at your throat… I want you to remember… the one man who beat you…”Batman, Dark Knight Returns (1986).

I took last week off of work to get caught up some things around the house, get a few more reviews up on the site, and to send a little more time with Sam. Things were getting busy at work lately and I was missing the little guy. Well, it’s late Sunday night and I have to be back at work in the morning. I didn’t really get much done around the house and I’m working on this review at the eleventh hour. That’d be strike one and two, but Sam & I had a great week so I’m not too broken up about it!

In the interest of still trying to get a theme week up for this week, I decided to go really broad, lots of wiggle room with “superheroes”, and start off with a figure I thoroughly enjoy. It’s rare in toy collecting that you can want something really, really of the wall… and then get it. But that’s exactly what happened here.

A lifetime ago, Mattel teamed up their popular MOTU Classics line with their DC Classics line and made a handful of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs. The highlight of those was another “off the wall” request, Battle Armor Faker. Sometimes, I feel like Mattel made him just for me. If there was something lackluster about those two-packs though, it was every single DCUC figure. The MOTUC side had merit – Stratos with reversed color gear, Zodac with gloves, etc. It was a great way to get out some oddball differences. The DC side though, sucked. There’s really no pulling punches on it. The same Superman that was released multiple times. The third release of the exact same Lex Luthor. So on & so forth. Whether red tape or short-sightedness, Mattel missed an opportunity to package up some DC characters on MOTU Classics bucks (or even vice versa) and give us something really special. When asked about it, Mattel more or less said it couldn’t be done.

Three years later, “couldn’t” turned into *boom* and we got an amazing MOTUC-sized Dark Knight Rises Batman in the Unlimited line. I love that figure, but just as I was getting ready to hope for some more, the DC side of things went kaput. Hope was lost.

Luckily, Mattel turned their Multiverse line to 6” so we can keep getting a trickle of new figures and then doubled down with a Walmart exclusive wave of Dark Knight Returns figures just in time for the 30th Anniversary! And lo & behold, there as finally a MOTU Classics Style Superman! Rejoice!

Man, was that enough backstory? Geez. So this figure is more or less exactly what I wanted. You’ve got that chunky MOTUC goodness and all the right new parts to get the figure done right like the undies and the boots. Now, I don’t know if we’re still trying to claim he’s original parts, just shares parts with Batman, or is using MOTUC parts – Mattel claimed the earlier Batman only used a few pieces like the shoulders, but the sculpt rocks. This is the exact Superman I want hanging out on Eternia… er, I mean my MOTUC shelves. Continue to Page 2…

11 thoughts on “DCClassics.com Review
Multiverse Superman
DKR 30th Anniversary

  1. Great review, as always!

    Man, I’d love one of these things to go with my “MOTU” DKR Batman, but they’re not offered in Britain, and Amazon.com won’t ship them here. Story of a foreign collector’s life.

  2. I’ve had to pass on these since the latest Marvel Legends waves have been commanding I give them all my money, but this and the Batman look really good, even if that Batman’s just a repaint, but a really good and crisp repaint.

    I’m sure sooner or later I’ll wind up getting both in the future.
    And is it me, or does the face on this Superman look a lot like Ronald Reagan? Intentional or imagined, ’cause it’d be topical of the times if it were intentional.

  3. I wish I could be more in love with this figure. I think it’s one of those “if I had this three years ago” I would have been creaming my shorts for it. Of course I still like it. I think also like a spoiled brat, because I had to wait so long to get it I was kinda like “finally” — I only ever ended up finding one about a month ago because I took a short road trip to another state. Of course then several weeks later I find him in abundance at my local Wal-mart. That said it’s pretty well executed and a fine addition to the collection.

  4. Omg, Wonder Woman and the Star Riders is something I’d love to see updated and released as an action figure line! Think of how beautiful they would look compatible with MOTUC!

  5. Well need a new Superman as my dcuc had snapped off cleaning it last year so on my radar. I never popped on the first Batman but this one is worth it. Though Marvel has me know under its thumb and been digging all that’s hitting. (Still need many though as wanna finish the BaFs) and dare I say even the Superhero girls line I’m enjoying. Still hunting Harley as a certain Rider screams a funny pic story to me.

    A great review though and will be on my get list down the road.

  6. Regular Supes in the comparison picture would have been a great fit for the Doomsday review.

    1. His suit is way too dark and the symbol is tiny & elongated. It’s Superman, but the details aren’t close to being right. Drives me nuts!

  7. I know these are based on DKR, but I want MATTEL to use the MOTUC bucks for more DC figs. I’d love to get a Wonder Woman in a female MOTUC buck. Also Shazam, Martian, and a long haired 90’s Aquaman in a MOTUC style buck. Imo I think those could still fit in with the DCUC figs.

    1. During the days of DCUC, I really wanted Mattel to make a Big Bard on the female MOTUC body. That would have been perfect, but instead they built her on the same female body as Hawkgirl. Little Barda was not sufficient.

      1. I was only thinking Justice League characters, but yeah Big Barda would be perfect. I know some DC villains that could work with the MOTUC bods also.

  8. I see these all over and I keep not buying him.

    +he looks more realistic than the overly toony DC Direct version from ages ago.
    +some artists like Bogdanove and McGinnis have drawn a similarly style ‘roided/”bulky” Superman.

    —–he looks like he’s wearing a red diaper.
    can NOT unsee it.

    as for DKR Green Arrow, I know Chris “Hunter Knight” Diaz has done him a couple times in his gray jumpsuit.
    Heck, there were customs of Amell’s version out within a week of that Legends of Tomorrow “Star City 2047” or whatever ep it was we saw Future!Ollie (and “Connor”) with the live action “One Armed Archer”. Yet still no chili!! 🙁 🙁

    and FRAK YES on that Star Riders line finally being made!!
    WW, Ice, Fire, Dolphin, and I think Cheetah and Poison Ivy?, plus a new “Flowery” character? where’s ToyOtter Geyer to confirm/deny?
    [looks at the new Super Hero GIRLS” line.]

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