Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Hasbro’s 2016 Marvel Legends Figures

Hasbro revealed some new 6″ Marvel Legends figures during their panel coverage today. If there was one theme to most of the reveals it was that the BAFs are seemingly top secret!

  • We got confirmation of of the recent leak for Captain America Wave 2 – featuring another Cap, a new Iron Man, & Black Panther from Civil War mixed in with Nuke, Nick Fury, & the Red Guardsman. While the BAF was leaked for this as well, it was not “revealed” as the panel as it’s still a pretty big Civil War spoiler. Pics from the floor seem to indicate that Nuke will feature two heads and Nick Fury will sport alt heads to let him be used as an army builder.

  • We got a sneak peak of Captain America Wave 3 featuring his new Secret Wars costume in the comics (with a pretty sweet throwing shield hand) and the Civil War Scarlet Witch. Future figures and that BAF will be revealed at a later date.

  • Spider-Man Legends Wave 2 will feature a new “teenage male” buck that be used for the two Ultimate Spider-Men: Peter Parker & Miles Morales. That wave will also feature a new classic Hobgoblin & Silk. Again, we’ll need to see a few more figures at a later date as well as the BAF.

  • X-Men Legends will be an all-mutant wave featuring the Rogue first shown last year, a new Deadpool (w/ unmasked head), Havok, Iceman, Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, & Cable. The Onslaught head is sitting with Kitty this time around, so we’re not sure where that will be packaged, but it’s great to see it still included. This wave was heavily rumored along with it’s BAF, but again Hasbro chose to hold back on that announcement.

  • And, finally (are you saving your money?) Dr Strange will also have a wave for his film release that is slated to include a BAF Dormammu (a redeco from last year’s SDCC exclusive), a great new Iron Fist, Nico, and both comic & film versions of the titular Doctor.

But wait! There’s more! Some store exclusives were also announced.

  • Walmart: Falcon & Winter Soldier (Unmasked) from Civil War 2pk.
  • Target: War Machine from Civil War & Iron Man Mk27 (that’s the orange/blue disco armor) 2pk.
  • Toys R Us: Sam Wilson as Captain America, Marvel NOW Vision, & a Kate Bishop Hawkeye 3pk.
  • Walgreens: Namor (previously revealed last year).
  • Walgreens: Punisher (Jim Lee Version).

You can check out pictures from the booth at Action Figure Insider & ToyArk. I recommend those as the press pics aren’t terribly great this time around, Hasbro seeming to have opted for heavily photoshopped atmosphere shots instead of some nice clean white background pics like normal.

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17 thoughts on “Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Hasbro’s 2016 Marvel Legends Figures

  1. Given that Rogue and Magneto had some sort of thing going a few years ago, maybe Hasbro decided packaging Rogue with Magneto’s strap-on head was a bit too awkward.

  2. Niko looks good as an action figure! In the comics, her costume is… freak out… a superhero who dresses up as a cosplayer. I guess it is no worse than James Bond snow skiing in a tuxedo…

  3. a few minor quibbles for me. Cap’s “throwing shield” looks weird. still not a fan of that new costume.
    Isn’t that bike for the 1/18 line? which 1/18, 6″, and now 12″ are ALL “Legends”! oy.
    and isn’t that Iron Man with “blast effects” the 12″?

    Havok’s energy blasts look like they belong with Iceman. I still want an X-Factor and Mutant X Alex. and POLARIS!!
    but at least we didn’t get another “mystic blast” redeco. which are they coming with the THREE Stranges were getting? comic I can see, but not so much either MCU BC-Strange (“regular” and “astral”).

    I’m hoping Cable’s chest armor comes off. too bulky.
    I was hoping for the White Phoenix that got bumped a while back. this one does look like they tried to match the original 70s comics tones.
    MCU Wanda looks a LOT like Famke’s X3 Jean Grey???
    I didn’t notice Iron Fist has clear yellow hands earlier, but did see the other pair are bandaged/wrapped.

    Also, I was hoping the 3pk would be Target, as I have little luck with TRU exclusives. 🙁

    and yes, the Punisher on display has a number on his forehead but it is NOT going on the final figure! it’s a production code! (I don’t know how many I saw complaining about this! yeesh!)
    and Namor is the Utopia suit, black pants and vest, blue accents. not sure about the X-sigil?

    I don’t know what changed on Dormammu from SDCC, but I’m glad to get him, at least.

    Falcon(s butt) looks good, and he gets a Redwing drone! sweet!

    I heard the CW BAF would be held until SDCC? which doesn’t the film come out before then? The “surprise” was already spoiled by a Lego set, and now the ML cardback leak, which only diehards really know about at this point. I’m hoping we get another Ant-Man wave for his second movie, but that’s farther out than Thor3, isn’t it?
    (REALLY hoping the third(?) Cap wave this year has an ATLAS BAF! someone pointed out we have almost a full team of later T-bolts, but only a couple originals.)

    and some were saying Classic HobGoblin is the BAF for Spidey again?

    I haven’t heard about any leaks on the X-BAF, but most are ASSUMING it’s Apocalypse because of the movie, despite Ike refusing to give fOX any chance of merchandise. a shame, because there are a few figures I would really like to see out of what clips we’ve seen so far.

    I’m hoping we see the Braddock, or at least they reveal which CapB costume we’re getting. Probably the recent blue one that came out in the MU Cap wave (single/3pk) a few years back on the BuckyCap body. I’d LOVE to see an Excalibur suit using the Wrecking Crew body+Thor boots.
    (glances at fodder pile waiting to be 3d scanned.)

    I can already see some basic customs for these:
    Rogue = Polaris; Kitty = Armor; Niko = Black Alice; Teen M buck = long list….LOL
    and with Red Guardian, we need more Soviet Super Soldiers, which the new WWE -reate wave has hit with Rusev with Bear mask and claw gloves….URSA MAJOR!!

    You know, I just realized, despite their current push in comics and MCU, we don’t have any INHUMANS, do we? I can’t wait for a LOCKJAW BAF!!

    oh, the new 1/18 “Marvel Legends” 2pks are hitting. I found the Thors, Machine Man/IM, and Vance/Falcon at WM the other night. Odinson face looks derpy, Falcon has NO WINGS (hard to tell with TWO shields crammed in there!), and MM is realllllly dark purple, almost black body. No clue which comics they come with (“Thors”; 2x “Secret Wars”), but it does state “special print run” or something to that effect.

  4. Regarding Dormammu, my SDCC version has translucent hands and purple skulls with pink flames. The new Dormammu looks to be painted in gloss colors (the original’s plastic was left unpainted, except for the red stripe down his front, which looks dirty because the red doesn’t fully hide the purple plastic base).

  5. Most of these look pretty awesome, and have my wallet weeping tears of blood.

    I’m glad they’re giving Miles another figure. They put one out around the time Amazing Spider-Man came out, but the hip pegs were notoriously fragile and difficult to move. Even knowing that, I purchased one and, sure enough, the hip snapped right off. I exchanged it and never bothered trying to free the hips on the replacement.

    My only gripe about all of these announcements is that they showed off a comic accurate spacesuit Gamora, but it turned out to be for the 3.75″ line. I really want that look, but i na scale I actually collect.

    1. It’s remakes of characters that are in dire need of a remake either because the last version flat out sucked or because a-hole scalpers prey on people who need that character. I don’t think it’s a missed opportunity at all. I think it’s a really smart move on Hasbro’s part. A missed opportunity would be to make a bunch of characters that only a few people would recognize and have the demand for future waves of X-men go down as a result.

      1. But why not pepper in some new characters like Silver Samurai, Polaris, & Multiple Man? It’d make it more appealing to collectors that were fine with the older versions & keep interest in the line from dying out prematurely by burning through A-listers too fast.

  6. Cool stuff coming out from Marvel Legends!! I’ve lost track on IM’s armors but has there ever been any mention of a figure of his suit in the final battle of Age of Ultron? I thought that armor looked pretty cool but still haven’t seen a figure?

  7. These all look really nice. I hope we get more Runaways figures. But, sadly they probably wouldn’t sell real well.

    1. They probably would have back when the comic was around (of course, back then, ML’s were only like $8 a figure). But Runaways lost steam pretty fast after Vaughn left. Nico’s gotten a bit of a push recently, appearing in Avengers Arena (terrible book) and now A-Force, so they probably have a little more faith in her figure to move units over any of the others. I’m still surprised Hasbro’s never tried repacking a Jurassic Park raptor as Old Lace, though.

  8. Only gripe I have is that 12″ line could no should house the likes of a new Giant man, Galactus, Sentinels, Cosmic Beings, The Red Skull robot from the Cap & Avengers Arcade game and many others. Seriously Galactus Buster armor and the Capbot I.swear was used by Red Skull in an issue coulda been these.

  9. With how most of the MU/3.75 figs have upscaled to 6″ size heres hoping Rage(New Warriors needs more plastic love man), a new Kaine Scarlet Spider, and that Gamora get this. Look at Whirlwind and he was pretty quick on it.

    The new teen buck had me thinking of many uses. One I wondered was could Slapstick use it? A new set of Young Avengers, some young Xmen, Franklin Richards FF style, maybe even Speedball.

    Looks like I’m in just have some catching up to do. Finish Rhino and just started Absorbing Man. Also finish Phil Urich ahobby (I don’t see Hobgoblin as the BaF. Maybe finally a Tombstone or Kingpin, heck I’d take the Enfircers OX right now)

  10. One thing. I hope those clear arms on Iron Fist are either alternate pieces or they just haven’t finished adding articulation, because no wrist articulation on a character like Iron Fist is a serious no no.

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