Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Hasbro’s 2016 Star Wars Black 6″ Figures

The Star Wars reveals today would best be summed up as muted? I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was more than just the handful of figures that we got. Also interesting, is that for most of them the press images are tiny and kinda poor quality. You’ll notice I’m mostly just reusing the tiny images from my checklist for this article. That’s what there is. It works for my checklists, but it doesn’t do much for a news article.

The panel itself listed a few we already knew were coming like Darth Revan and a “real life” version of Sabine from Rebels before going into to “new” reveals. Prince Leia Organa from Episode IV and a Snowtrooper from Episode V. They did tease a Rogue One 6″ SDCC Exclusive, but mum is the word until probably around April. When the reveals were added to the display, a beautiful 6″ AT-AT Driver was added to the display to round us out to five reveals.

I know I’m not sounding terribly thrilled, but a lot of it looks cool (check out these great booth pics from ToyArk). The Snowtrooper & AT-AT Drive look great. Revan looks badass. Sabine looks amazing! I still haven’t watched a single episode of Rebels and Hasbro is really making me want to pick these guys up in this “IRL” form. Those all are good.

Leia, though, isn’t looking so great. I really wish Hasbro could just take this one back and start over. This version of her & Luke from the next upcoming wave are seminal figures in this line and Hasbro has let the soft goods really detract from the figures. That and a not great face sculpt really just bring her down. Hopefully production looks better. That’s what I’m going to stick with. We did get a bigger promo pic of Leia so here’s that with Sabine to make us all feel better.

Oh, and hey, the Star Wars Black Checklist is updated with these reveals!

15 thoughts on “Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
Hasbro’s 2016 Star Wars Black 6″ Figures

  1. The Force Awakens C-3P0 is super lame. Having him look the same but with an unexplained red arm in the movie (which reverted back to his normal arm by the end) was lame. Now we’re finally getting one of the most important characters in Star Wars in the Black series, but it’s this version? My hope is that perhaps he’ll come with a normal arm that can be interchanged, but Hasbro seems to have backed off of doing “ultimate” versions of characters the way they did early in the line. For example, R2 came with all of his tool attachments from the various films, and the thrusters from the prequels. There was no separate “Episode V” and “Episode II” versions. Yoda had both his lightsaber and his Episode V walking stick. Darth Maul had a lighstaber that split in half and an alternate head/robe piece to recreate pretty much all of his iconic looks.

    Then Palpatine comes out, and no lightsaber (he also seems to have started the trend of “terrible softgoods, even by softgoods standards”). He’s just the Episode VI version. Neither Finn nor Rey come with the lightsaber.

    Why I suspect will happen is that C-3P0 will come only with the red arm, and then in a year or two (if the line’s still going) we might get the normal deco version.

    1. He lost his arm in the marketing department at Disney. They knew no one would buy another C3PO in other scales. They also are probably going to sucker people into buying two six inchers. Even better, Marvel gets to sell a comic book that explains what should have been explained in the movie. There is a C3PO issue coming soon. Consume!

      1. That’s all we need is for that to catch on in the future, every character having some quirk, or worse, the past. Here’s a comic explaining Han Solo’s scar.

        1. I looking forward to the comic about the guy who has to clean up after both of Kylo Ren’s tantrums in the movie. I bet that would be hilarious.

  2. I want Leia and Luke, Ep. IV versions, but man, man. Like Andy says, the circle continues. I mean, I don’t think this Leia is QUITE as horrible as ‘monkeyface bodybuilder’ Leia but day-am, Hasbro, Carrie Fisher was quite a beautiful young women, why can’t they see that?

    And the soft goods. Hasbro is really damned if they do, damned if they don’t on these. The designs NEED something flowing and flexible, but there has to be something better than this. I agree, Noisy, they really need to re-think here.

  3. I’ve never been so excited, and then consistent disappointed by a line that this. The troops are always excellent, but the rest. . . Meh.

    1. I think you’re right. I’m more upset by not having ‘orange shoulder’ Sandtrooper than I am X-Wing Pilot Luke or TROJ Luke or R2-flippin’ D2.

      Mind, I never even SAW R2, and X-Wing Luke all of once.

      Yet I was able to snag Han and Luke in ‘Trooper disguise. Huh.

      I really do want my ‘Early Bird Pack’ of figures in 6 inch, but man, I just don’t dig how Luke and Leia are looking at all.

  4. We have the same thoughts on the ladies.
    Sabine: only know her by reputation, but KNOCKOUT figure.
    Leia: they just cannot get Carrie’s face right for this period. I wish I had SEEN a Boushh, let alone managed to buy one to compare.

    I was hoping 3po would have interchangeable parts, for a three-in-one figure: OT, Bespin, and ST/TFA.

    only real announcement I was looking forward to was 6″ Snap. maybe SDCC? I mean, if we got one guy who was cut out, and another X-wing pilot who died on screen, then the director’s childhood BFF should be on the shortlist, right?
    ^maybe they’re trying to figure out the larger torso with removable vest?
    (starts digging thru WWE figures to headswap onto Hello Nasty….while firing up the meshmixer and 3d printer.)

  5. You’re not really missing anything with Rebels. The first season was just barely OK until the last three episodes where it finally started to get good. Then this season started hella strong with the premiere movie which was basically just Vader kicking the shit out of everybody (honestly I’d just watch that if anything). But since then it has quickly sank back into heavy mediocrity.

    That said, Sabine is the only one of these I have any interest in getting.

    1. I strongly disagree. Rebels has been consistently entertaining from the beginning. It captures a lot of the tone and style of the original films, the characters are (mostly) interesting, and it sometimes goes much deeper than one would expect from “kiddy” fare.

      1. Do they indiscriminately murder all Imperials without question? I’m honestly asking, haven’t seen the show.

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