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Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
DC Collectibles 2016 Batman Animated Figures

USA Today got the scoop on what’s probably most of the entire 2016 Batman Animated line-up coming from DC Collectibles. We have confirmation on the previously leaked wave 7 (BTAS Clayface, TNBA Firefly, Harley, & Anti-Firesuit Batman) our first look at Wave 8 including a BTAS Bullock (!), Talia, Ventriloquist, and a TNBA Joker. That’s only three waves for next year, so we could see one more, but if not – there are plenty of multi-packs. A 3pks featuring Batman Beyond & the Dark Knight Rises homage, a 5pk from Girls Night out which gets our first Superman based figures of Supergirl & Livewire (though I’m not digging their being repackaged with three figures I’ve already bought), a special edition Holiday Joker, and the big item for 2016: a “huge” BTAS Batwing. It’s beautiful & my wife will kill me.

All these reveals have been added to our Batman Animated Checklists and with a twist! I’ve seen a lot of feedback that folks wish the list was chronological and not split. Now, I’ve also noticed that the TAS page gets twice the traffic of the TNBA page, so clearly some folks don’t mind the split. I’ve gone with a best of both world solution. The checklist is now available two ways: by line separated, and by release order mixed:

Batman The Animated Series Checklist

The New Batman Adventures Checklist

2015 DC Collectibles Batman Animated Checklist

2016 DC Collectibles Batman Animated Checklist

8 comments to Toy Fair Armchair Coverage
DC Collectibles 2016 Batman Animated Figures

  • I’m still waiting for Scarecrow (in red), Killer Croc (in grey), and Man-Bat (without QC issues). But that Batwing: Drooool!

  • Jarred706

    I kinda really want Harvey, and they need a Renee Montoya.

  • Derrence

    I’m still waiting for them to make Commissioner Gordon.

  • Kevin

    I generally limit myself to just Joker figures as far as DC goes, but this line is making that really hard to stick to.

    Loving both of the new Jokers. Bullock and the Ventriloquist look amazing too. Definitely going to have to get the later.

    I wonder what else comes with Xmas Joker that justifies a $45 msrp.

  • I’ve had rotten luck with DCC’s quality control, but I might have to go in for that Batman Beyond set. I’m a sucker for most anything BB-related.

  • TR-8RFavorer

    Love this line. Glad they are teasing delving into Batman Beyond and Superman. And they have the two break out female characters of Batman and Superman Adventures, Harley and Livewire

  • Clay

    Loving each and every one of these… with the sole exception of the Girls’ Night Out box and its three already-released figures. Technically, the Batgirl might be a slight variant (she has blue highlight deco on her cowl in these pics, but the photos from TF show just the regular release version. Though IIRC, the promo pics of the single carded version had the same highlights, so IDK) but even so it’s not really different enough to justify adding a second to my shelves, even though she’s one of my favourite figures in the line so far.

    Also technically, the single carded TNBA Harley isn’t out yet so it could be skipped in favour of the box set, but that would mean missing some fun accessories (again, all the pics of the set seem to show the already-released BTAS Harley, but given the box represents a particular TNBA episode, that must be a display error, surely?). Though the single fig does come with an alternate head to make the ‘replacement Harley’ from Joker’s Millions, so I guess that could justify having both?

    Speaking of which, I really like having the new checklist options! Just idly staring at the collection as a whole is very satisfying. Having them in order of actual release makes perfect sense and is really useful in trying to work out what will hit the UK and when, but a tiny pedantic part of me kind of wishes they were in number order…