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Enter to Win a Star Wars Black Imperial Forces 4pk from Entertainment Earth!

Star Wars Black Series 6-Inch Action Figures- EE Exclusive

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Entertainment Earth to giveaway one of their exclusive SWB Imperial Forces 4-packs! This great set features the Sandtrooper Sergeant, Crimson Stormtrooper, TIE Fighter Pilot Oxixo, & R2-Q5. MIBers, be aware! You’re entering to win the exact figures featured in this week’s IAT review! I took great care with them during the photo shoot and you will receive all the original packaging, but this has set been opened. Think of it as an intense quality check by yours truly!

How To Enter:
To enter, login via the Rafflecopter widget to the right (you can use your e-mail or Facebook). The widget will keep track of all your entries for us. And when we say all, we mean it! There are six ways to enter! You could simply answer the question in the widget and be done or you can get earn additional entries by visiting our Facebook page, following us on Twitter & Instagram, tweeting at us, or if you’re just not that social you can leave a comment below (remember to tell the widget you left the comment, please!). We’ll be posting the winner here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Contest open to Canada and U.S. residents only. Must be 18 years of age. No purchase necessary to enter to win.The contest opens this Monday, February 8th, 2016 and will end Monday February 15th, 2016. Winner will be chosen randomly. We will contact our winner via email or their Facebook. If we are unable to reach the winner after a week, another winner will be chosen. By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold ItsAllTrue.net, Hasbro, and Entertainment Earth and their respective directors, officers, employees and assigns harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of the use or redemption of the prize. Good luck to you all.

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42 comments to Enter to Win a Star Wars Black Imperial Forces 4pk from Entertainment Earth!

  • GLD

    Whelp, if there was ever a way to get me to actually start engaging, this is it. Thanks for running this contest!

  • Arn!e

    I really want to take an Imperial Ketchup Trooper, put a little Santa hat on him, and make a tree-topper for next Christmas.

  • Thanks for setting this up!

    As for the question: I can’t help looking forward to a Royal Guard figure, even if the robe will probably render the figure inert.

  • I’m going all in on the Black Series now, so I’m planning on grabbing most every release. The figure I’m most looking forward to, though? Admiral Ackbar. It’s always been Ackbar. A ROTJ version, particularly.

  • James

    I know it’s not going to happen, but I would love some Legends figures. (Make a collector club for them, or make them con exclusives or something!)
    Thrawn, Mara, ARC troopers, Revan, Kal, Vau, there are characters that were in bad stories that would make great figures.

  • wesitron

    It hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m hoping Revan opens the doors for Tales of the Jedi figures. I’ve always wanted to have a proper 6″ Exar Kun, followed closely by the Qel-Dromas, Sunriders, and Doneeta.

  • Dang you for making me have to type stuff and such. I’m waiting on the rest of the bounty hunters as Zuckuss and 4-LOM must be in collection.

  • Caleb

    This is awesome since I collect all the troopers and mandelorians. The only thing that conflicts with my collecting is that I’m also cheap.

  • Templar Punk

    I definitely want a Darth Bane figure but Exar Kun was a close second. Thanks for the opportunity man!

  • Strategga

    Been following IAT for a while now. Love the reviews and excited about the giveaway!

  • De

    I want a Dengar figure in the Black line. Yes I’m serious.

  • I want the white shoulder Sandtrooper. I missed out on the orange shoulder. It now tasks me.

    I also want a giant lizard for these guys.I do. God help me I’m insane. 🙂

    Glad you got everything sorted out Noisy! I got really worried by the site hijack!

  • wally2974

    I’m hoping to find the Force Awakens 6″ Black Series Han Solo. They should be hitting stores soon. I just have to get lucky

  • Prophet924

    I really want Jawa two pack with droid accessories or Sandperson

  • Emily

    This four pack looks legit, I must have

  • Mario!

    I never comment. Unless it gets me a contest entry.

  • You should pick me, because I want it more.

  • Brainlock

    I needs me a Snap Wexley. or at least the head.
    I has my reasons.

  • Tomorrowknight27

    This would be a sweet way to backup my Darth Vader!

  • Jester

    I wonder how long it’ll take before we see a Wedge Antilles figure. Since Dennis Lawson is roughly the same size as Mark Hamill, I doubt it would take more than Hasbro releasing the X-Wing Luke body with a new head, a different paint scheme for the helmet, and maybe a retooled belt. Sounds like a good idea for the next Walgreens exclusive, actually.

  • Jason S.

    I’d like to see the original cantina aliens, but especially Hammerhead, in the 6″ SWB line. If we could get a Cantina boxed set, that would be cool, too.


    These look nice. As mentioned by another poster, I also look forward to someday getting 6″ Royal Guard figures.

  • TomatoisJP

    Honestly, I’m not as big into the 6″ line, but I’d really like to see more ladies… Leia in something other than her bikini and bounty hunter outfits for a start.

    • I’ve always been partial to her Hoth outfit.

      Padme is a noticeable hole in the collection, as well. It’s hard to believe we’re this far into the line (it’s been, what, at least 3 years?) and there are still so many name characters missing: Padme, Qui-Gon, Mace Windu, Ep IV Obi-Wan, Lando, C-3P0, Dooku, Grievous, Tarkin, Jar-Jar (he sucks, but he was a prominent character in the first 2 prequels).

  • Bill Neumann

    These would be a nice start to my SWB collection!

  • James

    I wonder if they will ever do what Marvel did and have a fans choice contest with an obvious winner

  • Eean

    The Imperial Guard!

  • Logan

    Man, this is a great contest. I want to get this set but I have held off due to the price. Getting it for winning the contest is a great price.

  • jackstatic

    MIGHT AS WELL TRY FOR THIS. lol they are cool

  • Great contest! Thanks for a shot at these!

  • Joe

    I’ve wanted Princess Leia from ANH since the line started!

  • Mike

    Can’t wait for Lando!

  • cableofaskani

    Is it bad the figure I want most out of the pack is the clean Sandtrooper? 😀

  • Zack

    Zuckuss for the win! Who doesn’t love the bounty hunters 🙂

  • jabberwokka

    It’s gotta be Lando!

  • Please keep your rocks at bay, but I said “Wicket”. I’ve always loved Ewoks…and hey, it couldn’t have been Jar-Jar, right?

  • John of the Dead

    I’m most looking forward to Bespin Han. That is, to me, his most iconic look.

    Thanks for running the contest, as well as all the great reviews.

  • I’m hoping they do an Imperial Royal Guard, like the ones they did in the 4″ line several years ago that had the armor from the Crimson Empire comic under the robes. They looks like the Guards we saw on screen, with just the robe, but they were poseable and looked like they’d be good in a fight.

  • Rkolemonjack

    Enter me to win! Thanks!

  • So, who won the troopers? Huh? HUH? Wasn’t me, but it’s somebody! 🙂