Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Speed
Demon Review

Paint is another highlight for the figure. The head could maybe use some work to make it blend in better and, actually, a metallic color on the visor would probably do a lot for that head. I may have to get out the brushes now that I think about it. Below that though, everything is grand. The red/blue color scheme is spot on and delineated by sharp gold lines getting the costume exactly right. This guy ran off the page for sure.

SD didn’t really have any accessories he needed, but he got a cool one all the same. In his recent appearances in Superior Foes of Spider-Man, a group of familiar Spidey villains team-up to retrieve the head of Silvermane. The book is clearly a fan-favorite up at Hasbro as it seems to have influenced recent figure choices – Boomerang, Beetle, & now Speed Demon (still waiting on that Shocker, Hasbro!). And now, thanks to SD’s accessory, we’ve also got Silvermane’s head! On an RC car to boot.

I’ll let you read Superior Foes to get the details, but it’s pretty hilarious and awesome to get in toy form, even if the wheels don’t turn. Duh. It’s also cool because Silvermane’s head is a spot on match for the recent Ultron body (itself a Beetle repaint) in Target’s Christmas exclusive three-pack last year. It’s not terribly comic accurate or anything, but if you’re dying for a Silvermane figure, it’s an easy swap out and you get Ultron’s head on a little RC car… which might actually be funnier.

Overall, I’m still not 100% satisfied with the lean body, but it works. It’d work better if the head and hands were scaled down to match it, but I don’t feel like getting that nitpicky tonight. It’s a blast to get deeper into the villain roster and personally fun for me to get a figure of a character I care about for no particular reason at all. The articulation and paint put the figure over the top. And a little RC car that I can swap heads on is endless enjoyment, even if the wheels don’t turn. Though, seriously, Hasbro?

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5 thoughts on “Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Speed
Demon Review

  1. I’ve got the same complaint about the body being too lean, and I did notice the head was slightly too large, as well. the hands come from Iron Fist, who I had an extra set aside to custom this guy last year before I heard he was coming. oh well, I can still do that to get a better body for him.

    Mine also has some bad paint on the face, those little niches around his nose are missing a few spots. :/

    As for his history, I’m in the same boat: I had known about him for some time before I really remember seeing him in anything notable, and I knew that he was a Squadroner…must have been the OHOTMU? I know I devoured those books, despite not knowing half the characters at the time.

    Wasn’t he also in Thunderbolts at one point? so we have yet another member of that team.
    (and now we wait on confirmation at ToyFair of the first Civil War wave leaked today: that BAF! I really need to make a list of MCU T-bolts now!)

  2. Wow, the Silvermane body looks great!

    The fact that the wheels don’t turn is a big let down. As dopey as it sounds, I’d get a kick out of keeping Silverman’s head on my desk and rolling the contraption around.

  3. Really can’t believe this guy has a figure this cool already. My first time seeing him was either a New Warriors/Spiderman Crossover annual story where he and Rhino actually helped fight the Sphinx or Lethal Foes of Spiderman #1. Have to find the earlier as want to reread that tale one cause of the fact remember it and second wanna check if was right and what other villians were in it.

    Second a new Shocker, think a mix of Bucky Cap and Spidey buck pieces to me. Tool in the pattern and think have it or the Grim Reaper buck.

    Fun and Great Review and sadly I never saw that 3pack as would do the same thing with the Silvermane head.

  4. I second Tim H’s disappointment in the lack of spinning wheels. Was really looking forward to that. Otherwise, it looks sweet!

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