Marvel Legends Avengers:
Age of Ultron Hulk Review

“That’s my secret, Captain: I’m always angry.” – Bruce Banner, avoiding spoilers by quoting the first Avengers film.

In all the nerdy glee we Marvel cinematic fans have coming this week, toy collectors have an extra joy: replacing the figures we bought for the last movie!

Yep, toy companies can’t help but re-offer figures from film-to-film in a franchise, and that leaves it up to us to decide if the last movie’s batch of figures was good enough, or if the new toy is so good that we choose the upgrade. For Avengers, most of the main characters will be available in a box set from Amazon, but a few figures, like the Hulk here, are available now in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avengers wave.

The first thing you notice about Hulk is that he’s… hulking. He’s taking up nearly all of the space in the packaging. He’s bigger than the BAF – which always amuses me. I’m too tired to recall exactly how much bigger the Avengers movie Hulk should be than your average soldier or tin man, but the size looks good. He’s a smidge taller than the first Avengers Hulk, the extra edge being in the legs. I can’t tell if they look a little too long or I’m just used to seeing Hulk have squat limbs.

There is some reuse from that first Hulk. Namely the arms, and the legs below the knee. I wouldn’t normally mind, but these parts do this figure a disservice in some ways. The arms more so than the legs. The legs simply lack texture where it’s needed, but they’re more detailed and don’t blend as well with the smooth torso on the AOU figure as they did on the first one. The slightly different shade of green between the limbs probably doesn’t help too much either.

Of the new pieces, basically the main trunk of the figure, the sculpt has mostly improved from the original. The new torso is particularly smooth, maybe too much so more, but I like it better than the leathery hide of the first offering. The new pants are okay – they’re the movie design. They’re simply not as cool as the tattered pants of the first figure, but they work well enough. There is also the new left fist – which is kinda aggravating. The arms are reused, as is the right fist, can we get some swappable action up in here?

Hulk featured no accessories save the Thanos pieces. Continue to Page 2…

9 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Avengers:
Age of Ultron Hulk Review

  1. I think my big want from this series is Spider-Woman — I can take or leave the rest. Hulk looks good but I’ve already bought the Funko Pop and I’m not super-invested in the character. Good movie though!

  2. I like this figure, but what I really miss is the skin texture from the last one. This one just seems so… fake. That head sculpt is pretty great, though!

  3. His arms are re-used, but his right fist is an all new sculpt. I do like the head more than the first, but overall I like the first much more.

  4. Been seeing more of the Avengers than the Spidey Hobgoblin wave but, money is the prob. Then the figuarts coming just blew me away.

    I wanna get Thanos but I need to finish Odin and Hobgoblin. The movie figs I don’t do but Hulk is a need as don’t have one. (Well used to but sold off years ago as needed space) Spiderwoman & Hellcat, & Batroc man was he a nice surprise as found old.Cap books that have one fun story with him and many other villians that would be nice in plastic. Cap undercover as Crossbones for a hint.

    Hasbro is pumping out more than I ever expected though. Gonna be a fun Marvel year.

  5. I thought he was the gem of the wave, and one of the best Hulks I have since the Valkyrie 2pk version (whose body was originally used for Red Hulk). Then again, I barely saw any of the FFF wave when Hasbro took over, and never saw End Hulk or…Skaar-? in person.

    Now we just need that Hulkbuster wave!!!
    (word is June/July?)

    I almost forgot about the Amazon 4pk. for a second, I thought you were talking the AoU 5pk I mentioned in the Thanos review, that has now been confirmed as EURO Disney exclusive. only new piece seems to be the RDJ head? rest is all redeco’s.

    for Amazon 4pk, Banner is going to be the selling point, but AoU redecos of “Tron” Widow, Hawkeye, and golden Thor don’t look too bad.

  6. Great figure, but I am not keen on its pants. I prefer the first movie figures pants as it could pass a s a comic Hulk instead of just a movie Hulk.

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