DC Collectibles Announces Justice League: Gods & Monsters Figures

Last week DC Entertainment announced a new direct-to-video animated film JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS & MONSTERS. The movie is an original creation that features an alternate Justice League and has no relation to the comic story of the same name. The trailer for the film is included in the video below:

So… if you’ve got a toy company that just so happens to be making Bruce Timm bucks and a new Bruce Timm cartoon… well, you’ll do what comes naturally. The first wave of figures from the film has been announced and is slated for this Fall. These figures will be in the same 6″ scale as the current TAS/TNBA offerings and will include: (yep, you guessed it) Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman! You can already pre-order these figures at BBTS.

4 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Announces Justice League: Gods & Monsters Figures

  1. I say she looks like Maxima.
    Clark looks like Zod, and Bats like Vampire BatsBeyond.
    I finally saw some of the DC Collectibles BTAS figures the other day and….pass. not just for those glaringly obvious hip holes, either. oh well, more money I don’t have to feel like spending to get the whole set.

  2. Yeah the WW screams Maxima to me. Thought saw this.world in Count down. Sb Prime wiped it out. Hmm, could.he appear in the nu52 event. Mass killing spree by him would be nice as maybe buy a main dc title again. Just buying trades of old books.

    Now if these do.well and we start getting Superman & JL figs I’ll be happy.

  3. What is that third set of hands for Superman? Are those trigger fingers? Does this Superman use guns?

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