Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Speed
Demon Review

“Y’know, I’m sick of you whining about what you can’t do… Let’s run like the devil and make Hell freeze over!” – Speed Demon.

I couldn’t answer a question to why I’m fascinated with Speed Demon. He’s just one of those low-level Tier-X characters that catches your attention and doesn’t let go. The funny thing is that I couldn’t even come up with where I first saw him or that I even knew much about him.

I do like speedster characters. I love the Flash and Speed Demon here is a Flash rip-off more or less. It’s complicated though, so try to follow me here. SD first appeared as the Whizzer, a member of the Squadron Sinister, a JLA-knockoff conjured to fight the Avengers in the late 60s. It would later be established that the Squadron Sinister was also a knockoff from the Squadron Supreme from Marvel’s Earth-712. So he’s a quick Flash-knockoff in real life, but also a Whizzer-knockoff in continuity. The Sinisters then lose to the Avengers as villains tend to and ol’ Dr. Strange mindwipes them all. The real Whizzer goes on to appear with the Squadron Supreme and James Sanders gets his job back and forgets his life as a villainous knockoff pawn. Things are good.

Then, the Spider-Man team is needing a new villain in the early 80s. Instead of making a new speedster, they return to Faux Whizzer here, give him a new name, a new costume, and set him off to join the MU. I found him there at some point, in some comic, but have no idea where or when. Somehow, I’ve retained all this information about him though. Weird. The important thing now though, is that I’ve got a figure. That’s what matters.

Thing is though, I’m not 100% in love with the figure. It’s not bad and it will definitely be in my collection for a long while, but it’s just a little off. The first thing is that, while I appreciate Hasbro going with the leaner, Spider-Man buck (which we all know I love) here because he’s a runner. I don’t like it for him. He’s been portrayed both lean & brawn, so it’s not wrong, but I feel like he would look better on the next buck up. This buck is lanky & scrawny for Spidey and I’m not sure it works on any thinner character.

The second part of this is the new parts – the head and the hands kinda look like they were originally intended for a slightly bigger buck. The running hands are a fantastic addition, but they are ginormous. They’re even too big for the slightly too big head really. The head is probably not as big as I make it sound, I’m going with slightly here, but it could also be that sculpt appears soft due to thick paint, but it just seems mismatched with the body to me. I love the smirk though. It makes him a fun figure to pose.

The articulation is the upside to the Spidey buck though and it makes for some fantastic running poses. We’ve got the same setup as yesterday: ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips (well, most are well-ranged), & inverted ankles; swivels at the biceps, waist, & thighs, double-hinged elbows & knees, the ab crunch, and the extra lateral hinges in the shoulders. He can look like he’s running which is something not many speedy action figures can claim unfortunately. Continue to Page 2…

5 thoughts on “Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Speed
Demon Review

  1. I’ve got the same complaint about the body being too lean, and I did notice the head was slightly too large, as well. the hands come from Iron Fist, who I had an extra set aside to custom this guy last year before I heard he was coming. oh well, I can still do that to get a better body for him.

    Mine also has some bad paint on the face, those little niches around his nose are missing a few spots. :/

    As for his history, I’m in the same boat: I had known about him for some time before I really remember seeing him in anything notable, and I knew that he was a Squadroner…must have been the OHOTMU? I know I devoured those books, despite not knowing half the characters at the time.

    Wasn’t he also in Thunderbolts at one point? so we have yet another member of that team.
    (and now we wait on confirmation at ToyFair of the first Civil War wave leaked today: that BAF! I really need to make a list of MCU T-bolts now!)

  2. Wow, the Silvermane body looks great!

    The fact that the wheels don’t turn is a big let down. As dopey as it sounds, I’d get a kick out of keeping Silverman’s head on my desk and rolling the contraption around.

  3. Really can’t believe this guy has a figure this cool already. My first time seeing him was either a New Warriors/Spiderman Crossover annual story where he and Rhino actually helped fight the Sphinx or Lethal Foes of Spiderman #1. Have to find the earlier as want to reread that tale one cause of the fact remember it and second wanna check if was right and what other villians were in it.

    Second a new Shocker, think a mix of Bucky Cap and Spidey buck pieces to me. Tool in the pattern and think have it or the Grim Reaper buck.

    Fun and Great Review and sadly I never saw that 3pack as would do the same thing with the Silvermane head.

  4. I second Tim H’s disappointment in the lack of spinning wheels. Was really looking forward to that. Otherwise, it looks sweet!

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