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Evil Horde’s Dragstor

The colors are probably my favorite thing here and it’s due to straight 80s garishness carried full-on over. The dark blue costume matched with dull Horde red trim and boots is a great match-up. And then we throw in bright orange gloves cause, why not? That palette combined with the blacks & silvers just really pops. It’s easily the coolest thing about the figure for me.

And then there’s the time that we just forgot vintage and trudged on forward. I’m always wanting the line to do this and I love it here. You get what many of us probably expected, the old vintage ripcord to be turned into some type of groovy melee weapon, and it turned out to be a pretty deadly whip.

The cooler thing though was that the 4H just wholesale dropped the vintage crossbow. They’ve been tinkering and personalizing the crossbows so far, but they’ve kept to a theme. In this case, Dragstor doesn’t have his variant black version – he’s outright got an engine crossbow and it rocks. It also plugs into his back for his “car” mode and looks great up there too. It’s probably my favorite piece in the box and really gives Dragstor a unique flare, even more than the tire in his belly.

Overall, talking it out has already warmed me up to this figure a bit. I like the colors and the sculpt choices, so the looks is a cohesive win. I would like it if a couple of the silver areas like the tubes and mask were sculpted in a little sharper, but he looks good. The articulation was saved despite the 80s design choices. The only flaw is that the head can’t be made to look up while he’s trucking around my toy shelves. Accessories are fun too and that leaves him a fine sendoff for the vintage toy Horde.

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6 comments to MOTUClassics.Com
Evil Horde’s Dragstor

  • Great review!

    Dragstor closes an important chapter in the MOTUC book for me. He is the last vintage figure that I had as a kid to finally be made into Classics. Sure, technically the Laser figures coming out later this month are the “last” of the vintage, since I never had them nor were they ever for sale in the United States I don’t count them.

    There’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that prevents me from saying Dragstor is “perfect”. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve waited what, like seven years for him and thus the expectations were pretty high? If I was going to nitpick, the worst thing I can think to say is that he doesn’t have the “elbow pads”. Even comparing them side to side they got everything right. Maybe it’s just unrealistic expectations/buildup.

    That being said, I am satisfied with Dragstor and glad to add him to my shelf and complete the Horde.

    • Le Musclor

      Speaking of last vintage figures, I always think there’s still one missing entry – Evil Robot! Yes, it was an unreleased prototype, but so were Mara and Darius and they still made it into Classics.
      It got some pictures on promotional catalogues in the 80s and, although it didn’t look that exciting, I hope Mattel will give it a chance.

  • Brainlock

    Ha. BREAST.
    I still say he needs a cup.
    Aas for the lack of belly wheel, I’m disappointed and pretty much expected it. ah well.

    I vaguely remember seeing the original advertised, but I had long since moved on, concentrating on GIJoe+TFs. It was still interesting to see what goofy “stunt feature” they came up with.

  • Jak

    Nice use of Snout Spout’s nose to censor Rio’s wonky chest 😉

  • Mark

    Dragstor was one of the first few He-man figures I owned. Overall I think this figure looks really good. But I recall the vintage body being the same colour as the arms and legs.

  • Excellent review and comics, as always!

    Well, the Vintage Dragstor was pretty cool when I was 12. Like this one, he couldn’t look up, either, he had just 5 point of articulation, but if you pulled that ripcord right and set him down with some forward motion, man, he went zooming.

    Like many, I lament the lack of spinning ab-wheel. All the other wheels in the line roll; I was hoping this one would as well.