Exclusive Hover Robots Review

Articulation is limited, but it’s exactly what’s needed. The arms have ball-joints at the shoulders & elbows with great range. The wrists swivel and so does the head! It’s kinda silly, but I didn’t expect that. The wrist swivel is also there to let the accessory hands swap out. Each robot has two sets, one with the blades in claw mode and the other in spinning blade mode. They swap out easily and they add a nice layer of fun.

The one thing they come with that I probably won’t use is a sticker sheet to give them various levels of battle damage. It’s a cool add and it definitely keeps with the fun theme of this set, but I just don’t want to sticker ’em all up. Also included are three typical MOTU stands. These are some of the best, sturdy stands you can get and they’re very unobtrusive. I would like a ball-joint or something on the top so the robots can be angled a bit, but the plug in the exhaust port is at least secure and the robots look just fine upright.

Overall, this is a win-win inclusion for the line. The Hover Robots are a big part of Filmation Skeletor’s forces even if they only appear in a handful of episodes. They have a great sculpt & execution and the three-pack lets you add them to your to collection even if you only have the money to buy one set. That said, you’ll want to buy plenty more.

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  1. Always wanted some of these guys as a kid. Matty finally delivers and dig these lil guys. Just wish could had the extravto get oh lets see 4 sets. Yeah 12 would be a good number. A bit of sculpy, and some teeth and think.have Plundor’s Bunny bots.

    If can hit a Toy show again down the road or local con these will be on my “get list” amongst figuarts and other things.

    Great review, and great comic on a classic moment. (Well maybe not for them)

  2. Will these be on sale at all again this year? I’d love to grab a couple more. I got one set for myself and another for a friend the last time.

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