NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: Marvel Legends, I Can’t Let You Go!

I’ve been trying to buy less & less this year. One because I have to and two because I’d like to come in well under the “have to” limit. I’ve been trying to cut whole lines to that end and one that comes up now and again is Marvel Legends. I feel like I’ve been collecting it forever (I have) and that I have most of the characters I want (I don’t). What gets me though, more than anything, is that Hasbro keeps killing it.

At SDCC, they revealed the beginnings of a Red Onslaught wave with a new basic Cap (with parts to make Capwolf!), a great looking Mockingbird, and Taskmaster. The Onslaught was pretty cool even if had the more recent Red Skull head instead of being classic and I was excited to see who would finish out the wave. NYCC & Hasbro didn’t disappoint. Check out ToyArk for Booth Pics while the Press Pics are below:


Whirlwind – I’m strangely excited for this one!

Cottonmouth – I’m still in shock we got to Cottonmouth.

Sharon Carter – This is awesome. Great to see more Cap supporting cast!

And then, Hasbro doubled down on me. How do you get me excited for Red Onslaught as a BAF? You throw in the Classic Helmet… and then you package it with my No. 1 Most Wanted Toy Biz update ever… Rogue! Now, it turns out that Rogue won’t be in the Red Onslaught wave, but hopefully she won’t follow too long after.

Continue to ToyArk for Booth Pics!


6 thoughts on “NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: Marvel Legends, I Can’t Let You Go!

  1. Oh me too man, me too! I saw the pics, and was like “Shut up and take my money!”
    Hasbro has really stepped up there came since coming back, especially this year alone. I wound up buying no more than 3 complete waves when I figured I’d just cherry pick the figures I wanted. Damn you Hasbro, you are my weakness, ha ha.

    But yeah, can’t wait for that much improved Rogue figure, they way they vastly improved Scarlet Witch and the Wasp from previous ML’s.

    So sold on the upcoming Onslaught and Cap wave. They had me at Capwolf.

  2. I don’t believe Rogue is coming in the Cap wave. I thought I read somewhere (Toy Ark?) that she’s part of TBD/TBA wave, and the speculation was that we might get a decent X-men wave in the future.

  3. yep, word spreading this wkd is that Rogue will headline an X-Men wave. no clue who is in it, but Deadpool is likely, with his movie. Apocalypse seems to be the top suggestion for BAF, esp with his titular X-movie coming next year.
    (recent upset of Feige and Perlmutter already seems to be changing things?)

    Cottonmouth is appearing in Daredevil s2, so that’s why he got a figure. only he’s some sort of gangster/pimp in the show? not sure why they didn’t give us Killgrave, as he’s been known to be in “Jessica Jones” (phrasing!) for months, now.
    (I just snagged an extra Chameleon to custom one. I have plenty of Ten heads, albeit a hair small for ML bodies…)

    also, just finished up a poll on ML Most Wanted, Rogue placed near the top, in a tight race for the top spot. She came in behind Amora.

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