NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: Star Wars Force Awakens Checklist Update

My Force Awakens Checklist isn’t completely updated just yet – I still don’t have the Poe Dameron two-pack on there just yet, and I think there’s a Battlefront Shock Trooper that needs to be added as well; and never mind pictures of that elusive Series 2 (my kingdom for a Phasma!), but I do have some new images from the NYCC press kits featuring General Hux, a Resistance Trooper, another TIE Fighter Pilot, a Snowtrooper, and X-Wing Pilot Asty.

While the press pics can be found on the checklist link below, check out this ToyArk Gallery for some great shots of the figures from Hasbro Preview night.

You might also notice, to the right over there, old Han Solo. He has also been added to the checklist, but I’m not quite sure where he falls just yet.

Phase 3 (2015-)

Phase 1 (2013)

Phase 2 (2014-2015)


5 thoughts on “NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: Star Wars Force Awakens Checklist Update

  1. Wow, someone has finally done a Harrison Ford headsculpt that isn’t entirely terrible. That’s a definite get.

    Other than that, I’m just waiting for the Snowtrooper and then biding my time until Jedi Master Luke at this point.

    1. most complaints I’ve seen were that he looks “too young” for Han/Harrison. people are already demanding his silver hair.

      1. I can agree with that, but the fact that the face actually looks mostly decent for once makes up for the hair color for me.

  2. I have the Han and Luke Stormtroopers on the way as I type this, but I find myself oddly wanting that Old Han figure because it’s just so crazy, plus I’m thinking maybe I could swap out the head and hands and suddenly I have the Empire Strikes Back Han. Watch, the heads will be completely non-interchangeable.

    It’s too bad Hasbro can’t make a standard size head/neck deal for Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black. Old Han head on the ML Bruce Banner = cheap-a** custom President Harrison Ford from Air Force One. 🙂

  3. definitely getting Hux, so he can stand by his father, Mad Eye Moody. LOL
    still need to hear we’re getting a 6″ Gorwyn. I has my reasons. including custom plottings.

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