SDCC Armchair Coverage:
DC Classics… Not Totally Dead?

Alright, I don’t normally outright post a coverage pic from another website, but I’m hoping ToyArk won’t mind since I really want to talk about what’s in this pic!

I’ve been busy this weekend, so I could’ve missed it, but I feel like this is the under-discussed thing coming out of SDCC. In a very roundabout way, Mattel has kinda sorta resurrected DC Universe Classics. Their 4″ Multiverse line now includes (or has been changed to) 6″ figures. The line continues to feature DC characters based on DC TV shows and films – this wave features figures of Arrow, Flash, & Reverse-Flash from DC’s popular shows. But the rest of the wave? That’s where it gets interesting.

Using some parts from DCUC’s buck system, there are three comic figures in the wave. Batman & Joker from Snyder & Capullo’s “Year One” story line and, the one I will buy for sure, Superman from Earth-23, who, in his secret identity, is US President Calvin Harris! If I close my eyes real hard, I can even say he’s technically not a New52 character, first appearing in 2009’s Final Crisis. For me, it’s a win – I get a new DC Classics figure, one I like, and a Grant Morrison figure to boot. To make us feel even more of those DCUC glory days, the wave features a Collect & Connect too! Going withe the Snyder Batman figures, the C&C is the Justice Buster suit. A suit designed by Batman to take down the Justice League quickly.

Could this be a glimmer of hope for DC Classics collectors? The line is clearly going in a new direction, but if I could get a salt & peppered in figure here & there, I’d be pretty happy!

For more pics from Mattel’s Booth, Continue to ToyArk!


13 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
DC Classics… Not Totally Dead?

  1. Man, I really hope so, although to be honest, The Calvin Ellis figure is the only I’m personally interesred in, maybe the TV Flash Reverse Flash one as well.
    But of we do see a resurrection of the DCUC line, it’d be worth it.

  2. Nooooooo! I’ve been so happy to be getting decent 4″ DC characters! I really hope they’re not giving up the ghost on 1:18 scale for this line! I know plenty of collectors are thrilled at this news, but it just bums me so much. I’d have bought the Heck out of Flash/Arrow figures in 4″.

  3. Oh man, Im buying the hell out of that Superman figure! I’m with you, I’ll take a DCUC figure here and there. Lot’s of cool things coming out of SDCC this year but this has left me the happiest.

  4. Is the robot or giant suit of armor in the background a DC character? I haven’t found photos with clear shot of the placard displaying its name.

  5. So want that black Superman! I’m not familiar with him at all, but I love that figure and I love the idea of more DCUC 🙂

  6. Tim H – The armor in the back is a Justice Buster armor designed by Batman to take out the main members of the Justice League is they go rogue. The Joker figure is from that same storyline when he finds a way to get them to turn on Batman. I like the armor but not enuff to buy the whole wave.

    1. Thanks for the explanation, Da Man. Wow, Batman “having strategies for taking out the league” sure has proliferated into a web of stories… I’m not even certain that Mark Waid’s “Tower of Babel” story from the “JLA” series originated the idea. I think I remember reading an original Justice League of America comic from the 1960s in which Batman having secret strategies is covered.

  7. huh. I saw pics of these, but thought they were DC Collectibles?

    Those Flashes certainly look better/sleeker than the DC Collectibles versions. Definite gets for me, as well as Arrow. I did see the new DCC Arrow figures included an unmasked Malcolm, which “Dark Archer” is the only one I’ve managed to find so far. (now where did I put my Jack Harkness….?? LOL)
    so yeah, I can see them re-using this body mold for Merlyn and possibly Arsenal? is the new s4 costume close enough to this to pull off? I know arms are bare with bracers, not sure about torso, but they kept the hood.

    Joker makes a good suit fodder. not sure about the head, but it’s not the “skin(ned) mask” look, is it? I hate what they did with that.

    President Superman is neat and I’m always a sucker for an Elseworld. LCS still had a Red Son GL and EW Finest Supergirl on FCBD, which I grabbed.

    and that armor is kinda cool. anything else, I can mod it to BOX or something? so Bats is a “might as well”.

  8. The Calvin Ellis Superman… I think I need to own that.

    And you’re right, this is the first site I’ve seen put together a “Wait, isn’t this basically just DC Classics?” article.

  9. Thanks so much for this article! I too saw these figures and assumed they were DC Collectibles, which meant they were nice, but not necessarily “must-haves,” what with articulation/plastic quality issues that seems to arise. I’m honestly ecstatic over this wave of figures. I’ve been wanting a more modern Joker to go with the classic version DCUC gave us, but none of the DC Direct/Collectibles offerings felt quite right. And the Justice Buster is awesome. Loved it in the comic. By far my favorite piece of news to come out of SDCC. I can’t believe Matty has pulled me back in!

  10. If this world were just, Mattel would go back and give us the Keaton Batman and Reeves Superman (and related characters) in the 6″ scale to compliment their CW figures.

  11. ^What he said.
    Do it Mattel. Keaton Batman, Reeves Superman, and Carter Wonder Woman in 6 inch, DCUC-scale.

    I also wonder if this possibly new flirtation with bringing back the DCUC line to regain lost costumers and counter the amazing work and momentum that is come from the Marvel Legends line right now.

  12. Second Lynch we get those in this scale and I am back in. Been not buying dc and slowly selling off some figs just hard to pick. Now could we see some ol DC favs finally get a figure.

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