SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Marvel Legends Capwolf? All Bets Are Off!

At their Marvel panel, Hasbro revealed plenty of more ML news and basically confirmed that they’ve got their hooks deep into my future purchases! They expanded on the Absorbing Man wave revealed earlier at the show, by showing some alternate parts. Spider-Gwen will include an alternate unmasked head (sweet!), Ben Reilly Spider-Man will include a Carnage head & claws for Spider-Carnage (cool!), Venom will have a tongue head (if you’re into that sort of thing). Press pics are included below.

Hasbro also revealed their next BAF: Red Skull as Onslaught. While I’m hoping for a proper Onslaught head to be thrown in the mix, this figure is built from the previous reveals of Captain America, Mockingbird, & Taskmaster. The rest of the wave wasn’t revealed, but I think Nuke is in the mix from various panel reports. More importantly though, Hasbro revealed an awesome new piece: a Capwolf head for the upcoming Captain America! This is where we are now, my fellow collectors, truly a golden age!

Also revealed as teases were a finally decent Namor figure (based on his current look) and a future BAF, Abomination which is said to share parts with the upcoming Rhino. You can see everything at the ActionFigureInsider Galleries linked below, but some press pics are available here!

For a ton more pics including panel pics, check out ActionFigureInsider!


8 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
Marvel Legends Capwolf? All Bets Are Off!

    1. Maybe swappable heads? We can hope. I’d lay down good money for a new Onslaught, but wouldn’t touch the Red Skull version.

  1. you left out the best part: Speed Demon comes with a Silverman head ATTACHED TO AN RC CAR!!!
    LOL hilarious and yet CANON!

    Also, Taskmaster comes with an alternate Udon styled head to go with the “Skeletor” version above.

    happy fact: Ben Reilly comes with swappable hands = he can use the other Spidey hands already available = NO MORE GIMP HANDS!!!
    It seems to me EVERY previous release of Ben has had at least one “bad” hand that detracted from his final look, starting with the old 5″ line and the TINY upturned fist he got stuck with, and now… NOW this is no longer the case! SHWEEET!

    sad fact: we are *NOT* getting a Magneto styled helmet head for Onslaught, because something about this is the Cap3: Civil War wave, so a designated movie wave will NOT have any X-characters in it. or at least, obvious ones, as Onslaught body is blatantly X-Men, yet the Red Skull head puts the character into the AXIS event,and into Avengers territory. and then there’s Namor in his Utopia/Dark X-Men togs…. >_>

    oh yeah, does anyone have the SDCC T-bolts set? and if so, can you confirm/deny that Jack O’Lantern is using the Ghost body?

    1. they could easily toss the regular onslaught head in with a figure from a future, non-cap ml wave. it’d be kinda stupid if they didn’t do that. few people want RED onslaught. we all want original onslaught.

    1. Oh snap, and that Venom too! I was gonna skip that since I have the Select one and the McFarlane head on that is so almost unnervingly spot on, but I have problems with (what should be) the standard tongued head, and this one looks great. And no blue highlights is always a big plus.

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