Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Hobgoblin Series Spider-Man Review

But, wait, wait… didn’t I say this Spidey wasn’t perfect? Well, yeah. The one thing that bugs me is in the articulation. There is a ton of greatness here – ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; swivels at the biceps, waist, & thighs; double-hinges at the elbows & knees, the ab-crunch and the Toy Biz reminiscent hinged shoulders embedded in the chest. I’m not so hot on those, but they work great.

So what don’t I like? Well, I still want a little more – boot swivels would help, and he could almost use a mid-foot joint even though I kinda hate those. But that’s not it – it’s the hips. They have good to okay range, but it’s not enough. The figure can maybe get his legs out sixty degrees? That may be okay for some figures – it didn’t seem to bother me on Daredevil really, but Spidey basically needs to be able to do the splits. It’s not a dealbreaker – I’d love to get this as a rainbow Spidey buck, but that’s the one place I’d hope the figure could improve.

The paint work is pretty sharp all over, even the lines. It’s remarkably well done. The only issue I have is that on nearly every figure I’ve seen, they haven’t been able to get the abs fully covered in red.

The other neat thing for this Spidey is the accessories. Spidey needs to thwipp. Spidey also needs to punch. And Spider would look good in some cool open hand crawling poses too, right? Well, this Spidey can finally do all that with three sets of interchangeable hands. After all those molded thwipp hands, I’m happy to just pop two fists on him as much as possible, but you can’t beat having the options.

He also had two more “fun” pieces. The partially unmasked head and a slice of pizza. I love that he has a slice of pizza more than I can say. And while the unmasked head is probably so he can eat said pizza, it’s still his kissy face head. We all know it.

Overall, I’m glad that the clearance popped up and got me to pick up this Spidey. I would’ve, should’ve, paid full price for him. Hasbro could use to look at those hips and increase their range, but they have a great Spidey buck on their hands. I still want variety in the waves, but they can toss out more Spidey costumes now. I seriously want a Black/Symbiote Suit on this buck right this second (Again, no blue highlights). I might even buy it if they want to homage the 90s, and toss him in a fisherman’s hat and rubber waders.

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7 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Spider-
Man: Hobgoblin Series Spider-Man Review

  1. I still use the very first Spider-Man Classics Spidey (and Symbiote Spidey) in my collection. 😛

    I, too, have been awaiting the perfect Spider-Man. I do like the look of this one for the most part.

  2. there have been so many Spideys that I don’t bother with them unless they have some unique catch, like a BAF part or, in this case, alt.head/hands and pizza. I’ve seen some get “Pizza Spidey” here in some cool poses like a crouch on one hand and some pretty cool McFarlanesque swinging poses.

    no clearances here, but I did score that Arana-Spider-Girl for $15 the other week across the River in Alton/Godfrey. just waiting for them to drop on the Superior and whatever the other Spidey in the Goblin wave was so I can finally pick them up. That’s the main problems with keeping the same retail code for each wave: you never know which one will show up on restock and it’s harder for them to hit clearance, despite the half inch of dust collecting on the boxes. seriously.

    My only hope with the upcoming Rhino wave Scarlet is they don’t give Ben gimp hands like the Ares wave version. Every time they do him, they seem to insist on screwing him up some way.

  3. The head also lends itself to an “I’m talking to Aunt May/Mary Jane on a Payphone trying to make up an excuse on why I’m going to be late!” classic pre-Marriage that no matter how much that douche Quesada says it didn’t happen, it happened! I skipped it because of his waist Articulation… If I see Mayday Parker, she I’ll pick ASAP!

  4. Seriously. This thing is bristling with accessories. I picked him up just to support more accessories for toys.

  5. Well have picked up Mayday and this Peter. Dig them both but, ugh Hasbro on the posed package setup warp Maydays legs a bit. Haven’t seen many of this wave though. I should check clearance area to finish Phil ( I want his Green Goblin and M2 Golden Goblin as well since he was a Hero)

    Enjoy this Spidey alot and have lots of fun. Also my Spider/Rider/Sentai display looks great with him.

  6. Very good action figure picturing the amazing Spider Man.
    It fullfilled the lack of a classic SM in my collection.
    New SM, Daredevil, Black Panther, Hawkeye (not perfect, but better than Toybiz Marvel Legends, now what I would like to see are Beast (Classic), Namor (green trunks)and Vision (it´s coming).

  7. I’ve had only one Spider-Man figure in my entire lifetime. I’m not exactly sure where it comes from but it’s like a classic Spider-Man, except it’s in black and red and it has a clear yellow spider symbol on the chest and back (I bought it loose from a shop for approximately USD 3.00). So I think it’s a good thing that there are all these Spideys to choose from nowadays that suit the different tastes of fans and collectors. Although, if but for no other reason than sentimental value, I suppose I’d like to see a Marvel Legends update of my “Black & Red Spider-Man” (or whatever variant this is).

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