Toy Fair Armchair Coverage: The Links!
Tuesday Update: 300 Links!

I’ve gone through over twenty sites and pulled 300 links together featuring over 80 different companies attending New York Toy Fair 2015!


13 thoughts on “Toy Fair Armchair Coverage: The Links!
Tuesday Update: 300 Links!

  1. *ahem*

    OMG Batcave stuff?! I mean, needs more than just a Batcomputer but *squeee* accessories for Batman?!

    And Batgirl as well?!

    OK, who died at Mattel and when did at least a modicum of common sense show up? 🙂

    1. All this stuff was either at SDCC or NYCC last year, I forget which. And I wouldn’t call it common sense just yet – the only way to get Robin was in a 2pk and now the only way to get Batgirl is in a 3pk! That line is designed to annoy. lol

      The Batcave accessory set is pretty spiffy though!

      1. Oh? Still, looks like Robin is now on his own, and I don’t have to buy that annoying ‘climbing the building’ set that doesn’t work very well.

        I didn’t see that Batgirl was part of a 3-pack. I guess I’m not doing a good job of interpreting the pics.

        One thing completely hilarious to me, they’re including the Bat-Zooka in the Batcave set. It looks a bit off, which is wild, as it was a slightly altered Mattel toy! Nobody at Mattel probably even remembers their Agent Zero-M line of spy gun toys…

  2. Huh, hear a Gaim reissue was being done and getting a US release but not shown. Also never saw that US release of tge Gokaiger under lame-o name. Hmm, makes me ponder.

  3. Thanks for the great link collection – I didn’t know, that Schleich displays on the Toy Fair 😉

  4. Nice list, except you forgot to get an update on those Golden Age figures Shocker Toys announced about five years ago. Other than that, good stuff;)

  5. Hooray! Robotech Masterpiece Alpha Fighters with better plastic and better QC! Now I can actually get one to go with my Masterpiece Beta!!

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