Sweet Bee Review

The paint and color scheme is fantastic. She’s bringing some great colors to the POP shelf and the paint work is top notch, particularly on the face. I would’ve liked to see a two-tone color on the boot laces, but otherwise she’s sharp all around. The articulation is the standard complement for the girls. She’s missing the boot swivels, but everything else is here and works well except for the neck. The wings are on ball-joints and have some range around the hair, though it could be better.

And Bee has a nice complement of accessories. There’s the standard shield in yellow. I’m amused by getting it over and over in every color of the rainbow, so that’s great. The offensive accessory is a “Bee Gun” which is fantastic. It’s a classic future pistol. I love the sculpt and she holds it well. The paint is a little sloppy, due to the thick yellow paint, so that’s not cool. And there is the fun helmet which comes straight from the cartoon. I’m not keen on giving it to Sweet Bee per se, but it is a great piece. I did have a little trouble getting both her regular head and the alt head on the neck peg though. I’m not sure how widespread that is, but it was the one annoyance on an otherwise fantastic accessory; I love alt heads.

Yeah, overall, I’m not sure what it is about Sweet Bee that keeps me from being wowed. I think all the technical details are nailed like they tend to be with the line (she ain’t no Rio Blast). I could say something about the lack of variety having a couple POP figures in the main line during the POP Mini-sub, but I’m not going to hang that around her neck either. I’m open to accepting that maybe it’s just me. It’s been a long (& wonderful!) two months, but being tired all the time is part of the deal and being tired does make it harder to find joy in the little things sometimes. I’m just going to mix Bee into the POP shelf, she’s going to look great, and I’m sure a better appreciation for her will strike me some time.

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  1. Great review, pics, etc. Same as always. };D

    Something about these female faces bugs me, and I think it’s because many of them are so prognathous. Sweetie, here, has a very Robert Zdar / The Tick / 1998 American Godzilla jawline. From the front, pretty face. From a side angle, a bit disturbing.

  2. Yeah, she’s suffering from the flat-face syndrome that a lot of 4 Horsemen female sculpts have, and the hair is just a wreck from every angle – besides the back. it also looks like she has no forehead from the front. What’s worse, a fivehead, or a threehead? 😉

  3. I really dislike the 4 Horsemen female head sculpts. They are so bland and characterless. Which is a real shame compared to some of their other work.

  4. I love the Butt gun!
    My issues with her are:
    She looks like an Underage Cosplayer instead of Sweet Bee (Glimmer is the only Rebellion Jailbait)
    Her hair limiting EVERYTHING!!

    Other than that, she just fills in a PoP Slot. (She’s a bit vanilla TBH) Her importance is due to her first appearance in the toon. Sweet Bee’s home, aka Frosta fails miserably at getting inside He-Man’s furry pants.

  5. if anyone cared about the ask mattys anymore, and i had one, i’d spend the next 6 months asking them “why does mattel use that monolithic plastic for motuc hair when other companies have moved on to softer plastic grades that preserve neck articulation but still look good?”

    and yes,the wrong horseman sculpts the female faces. this is why they should have kept dahlberg on, or let djordje sculpt the females. a like mr treadaway for most things, but his chicks are spooky. not quite alex ross spooky but getting there. there is a stark and terrifying stepfordian visage on the lot of them and it keeps me awake at night.

  6. Going by the pictures, she looked good to me except for the head. Then I covered her antenna with my thumb and it improved about 60%. then I saw the back shot and it dropped 80%. It’s all in the hair, to me. I don’t have the same problem with the face the others have, it’s mostly the hair. I’m assuming the wings are two separate pieces to fit in those slots? The helmet does not help improve things.

    so yeah, basically, good body, but the head needs swapped out.

  7. I’m fine with Sweet Bee — nothing really special about here. I like Entrapta a lot more (she’s actually my favorite from Club Etheria). The headsculpt is okay, but I agree with pretty much everything said before. To be honest, I’ve only displayed her w/ her helmet on since I unboxed her!

  8. It looks more likely that her head is glued in at a little off angle – maybe having he show a bit more forehead will fix it? Maybe the appreciation comes when the line truly ends – always knowing that there’ll be a next or two next figures coming month and the feeling of ‘Ugh, where to put all these?’ is a daunting factor that overshadows the joy for the line.

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