DST Announces 7″
Ghostbusters Select Line

ToyNewsI is reporting that Diamond Select Toys used their NYCC Panel to announce a 7″ Ghostbusters Select line that will be a late tie-in with the 30th Anniversary. It sounds like they’ll do the main guys, a lights & sound Ecto-1 (not in 7″ scale) and some other items as well.

The announcer, I believe it’s Zach Oat, is a little hard to hear, but you can listen to the announcement in this video right around the 6:30 mark.


10 thoughts on “DST Announces 7″
Ghostbusters Select Line

  1. If they are anything like the previous Select figures they should be a lot better than those awful Mattel figures.

    1. Well, that’s disheartening. I was determined to get ONE set of Ghostbusters, and that’s it. Can’t be chasing down variants and suchlike and committing to a new line. Why couldn’t they have announced this before Mattel sold those sets?

      Pandering to bloody conventions.

      1. I am not really collecting at present but if the head sculpts are better than Mattel’s I would be tempted to get them. Those Mattel head sculpts made me not collect the line.
        Also Mattel has the Real Ghostbusters figures coming as well….

        1. Speaking of Mattel’s Real Ghostbusters figures… Why have they yet to show anything? A prototype? Something! It begins to make me wonder if they’re even actually still going through with it, or were just saying to get people hyped.

          1. Those 8″ Mego style RGB figures they made were not great. Personally though RGB interest me a lot more than movie figures as I grew up watching the cartoon more than the movie.
            The problem with the RGB cartoon figures is aside from the main characters there really isn’t any villains etc for them to produce….unless they did updates of the Haunted Humans and Universal Monsters figures Kenner did (which I would be all for especially Wolfman if they could style him to look like the werewolf in ‘No One Comes To Lupusville’).

            1. Actually, look Real Ghostbusters Minimates. They made all the Ghostbusters, Janine and Louis in both regular clothes and GB uniforms, and a slew of villains from the cartoon like Sam Hain, Killowatt, The Boogeyman, and some others, so there are options.

            2. there are TONS Of villains they could produce!

              Shana O’Callahan, the Peoplebusters, the Boogeyman, the Ghostmaster, the Undying One, Boogaloo, and the list goes on.

              They could also make allies like Robo Buster, and my god how I’d kill for a figure of Venkman’s Dad.

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