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NYCC Tease: Evilseed?

With all the NYCC Reveals being done via video from Mattel’s California offices, I wasn’t sure if we’d be getting a proper tease for next year’s Toy Fair reveals. Luckily, Mattel didn’t disappoint:

There seems to be little doubt that this accessory teases an upcoming Evilseed, but which Evilseed? I imagine there’s a pretty decisive split between fans of the original and fans of the MO2K version.

More interesting, most of next year’s slots will have to be filled with vintage toy characters, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for ol’ Evilseed here. So will he be a headliner in a 2015 mini-sub? A MO2K mini-sub has either been the biggest rumor or worst kept secret for the latter half of next year. If that turns out to be true, that may not be good news for the folks waiting on the classic version. It’d be cool if there was some swappable parts business going on, but the looks are so completely different, that I’m not sure how we can all get what we want.

6 thoughts on “MOTU Classics
NYCC Tease: Evilseed?

  1. So long as he has a swappable spare Filmation head, that’s all I care about. I’m not a great fan of the MYP design, but if there’s a Filmation head, the body will end up covered in a custom soft goods cloak, anyway.

  2. Maybe the 200X version will be in the rumored mini sub and there will be another two pack in the main sub featuring Filmation Evil Seed and Marzo.

  3. Screw the stupid Filmation onion head. 200X Evilseed has NEEDED to happen since day 1 of this line.

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