MOTU Classics Press Pics for NYCC Reveals

Nothing new in these particular reveals, but Mattel has uploaded press pics for all the reveals in last weekend’s video. While some sites were able to take stills of the video, this gives us bigger, better images to look at and is our first good look at Angella who was shown in person and not as a slide in the video:

[nggallery id=213]

There are some great turnarounds and close-ups on a few of the accessories. Here are my original thoughts repeated (& corrected, I mistakenly thought Angella included a shield!).

  • April – Queen Angella! (remember kids, that’s two L’s) This has been an anticipated figure after she wasn’t included in the Etheria mini-sub. She looks great, smart reuse of Hawkgirl’s wings and the little halo accessory is neat (I may not use it, but still). She aso includes a new sword – I love the POP Women getting offensive accessories. That’s great!
  • May – Blast-Attak! (remember kids, no c, but a hyphen) I’m bummed he didn’t get a new torso that could pull apart, but I do like the use of the Horde Trooper torso in red – that’s close. It’s a shame there’s not a way for the armor to snap apart in broken halves. That could be cool. He does get some cool new tooling to get his legs just right and his two vintage accessories, his air trigger now doubling as an energy whip. He looks great though. I’m excited for this guy – and I’d like to see these legs reused to give Twistoid a lower half… just sayin’.
  • June – Sssqueeze! (remember kids, no extra E’s but 3 S’s!) This is blasphemous, but I wish this guy had a spare set of normal arms. I know, I know. Heretic. His bendy arms do look fantastic (and they will be bendy – Will he include the Hssss torso? Will there be room in the box?) Sssqueeze does include his “pet snake”, but it appears to have been reimagined as a staff. We’ll see. Even though I’m not a fan of the huge arms, he looks fantastic and I love all the new tooling.
  • Q2 Quarterly – Multi Bot! (uh, no hyphen, I guess?) Again, another great looking figure. All the new pieces look great and this is another figure I’m excited for. I kinda wish I had bought a 2nd Modulok to make Megabeast! Damn… Lots of new tooling here again, including the word that he’ll have the torso joint swappable, which is good news. And those blue mechanical legs look like they’d be great legs for Twistoid to get a lower half. (can you tell that I want the tops to have swappable lower legs?)
  • Alright, I think that warps it up! I know some folks won’t like this video, but these are some awesome reveals as I see it. I’m looking forward to see what Brandon Sopinsky can do with the 4H prototypes and how great these figures will be executed. 2015 is looking to be a great year with just half the reveals known. And the second half? I have high hopes… Dragstor, Saurod, Perfuma, Peekablue, Mara, Rotar & Twistoid, and not to mention the various He-Man & Skeletor variants. It’s going to be good year!